Monday, September 20, 2010

091910 and 092010

Goals: Sun-6 mile LSD run. Mon- 3 mile run, long ride

Sunday was a reward day to myself. I woke up sore legs so I decided to to put off my long run for a while. We ate fast food for every meal. Not worried about diet today. I am truly on a high. Although I was several minutes behind the 1st place person in my age group yesterday, placing felt very rewarding. It felt like my hard work and hours of training have been worth it. Meeting my goal is worth celebrating, but today was not without work. After church but before lunch I bagged my 6 mile long run. Since I went hard yesterday I wanted to take it extra easy today. I wanted the average pace to by over 13 minutes. This was even slow for me, but I must admit the 3rd mile was hard even at this pace.

No more slacking, back to training today. Unfortunately, I woke up with my legs hurting even more than they did yesterday. Swim cancelled for this day, reserve legs for ride this evening. Healthy eating all day and made it to my group ride. Only 3 of us today, either they slowed down for me or I am making gains. I stayed on the back tire of the other guys the entire time. They said it was the fastest the group has ever ridden that loop. My Garmin said average speed of 12.4 but the other guys had 15. I think mine calculated the laps in the parking lot I was making to warm up and practice making U-turns.

This has been a great few days. Sometimes my training feels like work, but every bit of it is has been enjoyable for the past three days. I know I am way to happy when I have been researching marathons and ultra marathons. I even found a neat running club I want to join. You have to run 15 miles to join. You get a t-shirt and to be a life member. Some of there ultra's are nuts (more nuts than your average ultra), but I'd like to be fit enough to give a try ONE DAY.


Andrew Opala said...

Amazing! Couldn't you quickly tie a rope to the guy in front of you and he could pull you along on the bike? ... just sayin'

Laura said...

Hope your legs are feeling better today! Mine were like that yesterday too!

Patrick said...

Ultra marathons... you get a t-shirt? You should get a t-bird; I am thinking first generation 1955 for running 26.2 plus anything.

abbi said...

You were definitely right to take it easy the other day...sounds like you are doing great!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Try an ice bath, they hurt but work

I received my socks, again thank you