Saturday, September 11, 2010

090910 and 091010

Goals: 090910 AM 3 mile run, PM 600m swim/90 minute cycle brick. 091010 cycle/run brick.

Results: NADA

Diet setbacks: Not so good......

Thoughts: The last two days have been both exhausting and aggravating. Nothing has gone as planned and my diet had gone to poo.

Yesterday, morning I overslept and missed my run, I thought I might try to make it up in the evening. After sleeping in a packed a light, but healthy day of food including fruits, veggies, and nuts. Not big meal but enough food to graze all day. Once I got to work it was announced that we would behaving a shake down of a housing unit. That is a search if you are not familiar with prison terms. The search would begin after 6 so there went my afternoon workouts and my food was not insufficient or working into the evening. Went to Wendy's and grabbed a hamburger to tide me over in the early afternoon. Left the prison a little after 9, annoyed that my training was blown for the night cause of the DAMN job.

Friday actually started as planned. MY work plan for the day called for a much needed day off site. today was my semi-annual Prison Emergency Response Team Physical Assessment test. Our physical fitness test is very interesting, it test core strength and endurance mostly. The first time I took the test I felt like I was going to puke afterwards, now I don't get that feeling, now I just see it as a challenge. Nerves are also lessened since I am already on the team. I felt bad today because I was actually running it with people who were trying out (I will be away at another training the day our current members are tested). I could see in them myself when I tried out, I honestly feel bad for them.

The test consisted of starting at the back of our team pick up truck and being given an inmate name and a location, then you don a gas mask and run 50 meters, now you grab a 175 pound dummy and drag it 50 feet, then remove the gas mask and drop for 20 push ups followed by 20 sit ups, them you run up a set of 5 stairs and down a set of 5 stars, repeat the stairs 2 more times, then run 1 lap around a quarter mile track, at the end of your lap you must place a person in handcuffs, run to the dummy and drag it another 25 feet, return to the stairs again to repeat the e sets of 5 up 5 down, drop for 20 push ups and 20 sit ups (this last set of sit ups is the hardest for everyone), then run back to the truck and give your inmate name and location. If you have forgotten it or get it wrong run 50 meters down and 50 meters back.

I completed this in 5:15, the same time I always get. I feel like I am in much better shape then I have ever been in while doing this. I feel like I did not have to push as hard to complete and my recovery is almost momentary. About 5 deep breaths and I was good. We had only about half of the people trying out pass and one guy barely made it down the first sprint.

I stuck around and served as a medic while everyone was tested and then assisted in testing the team staff. they tested today too that way they don't have to worry about while testing the rest of the team on their day.

After getting done I got off duty and went to my LBS to check on my bike, I dropped it off monday after my long ride and was told it would be done early in the week before my next scheduled ride. I got there and there was an issue. They told me they would take care of it that afternoon and to come back at 5:30.

To kill some time I headed down the interstate a little to the local Barnes and Noble. I wanted to look for base level triathlon, running, and cycling books.The only books they had were Triathlon 101 and and book in triathlon training plan by the same author (Mora). I chose triathlon 101.

I then went a little further down the interstate to REI to look for a bike mount for the garmin 305. I got distracted looking at the cycling clearance rack and then to the triathlon area. I have been thinking about getting a Tri jersey to cut down on transition time getting my cycling jersey on in T1. I am willing to suck up the fact that I'm a big boy and it's tight, just to be slightly faster. I tried on a Zoot that was on clearance and it was ok except for the neon green color. I also tried on a Sugoi that was not on sale. It was a little longer and was noticeably lighter. The were both larges and not skin tight, they could have been smaller and still fit. How awesome is that?

While in the area  I stopped in another book store. They had many more running books, all their cycling books were about Lance, and they had the same tri book except 1. I decided to stick with my choice but next month I will buy the running book (same book Laura recommended to me last month). I also found another book mixed in the wrong section I though looked interesting.

After leaving the bookstore I headed back to the LBS just 18 mile north. 1 hour 30 minutes later I got there. Second time in two weeks I have sat still for that long on the same interstate. and each time it involved a trip to the shop.

When i got there there was another issue with my bike. I waited in the bike shop for it to be fixed.

By the time they were done, after all the driving, the traffic, that waiting, and all the other stress in the day, I was just not feeling like working out so instead I gorged on hot dogs until I felt sick. I am still stuffed as I type this. Seems like in the last three weeks I have had more over stuffing days than I have had in months.

I need to remember tomorrow is a new day. I look forward to making up my swim and my cycle/run brick. I may even do it all in one just like a race.



Laura said...

Looks like a pretty good bookstore, I have to get most of mine online!

TRI-james said...

Hey man – I understand where you are coming from but it does not have to be either or. You missed the workout so you over indulged on hot dogs. It would have been much better to just skip the workout and eat a normal meal. You ended up with the double whammy.

But you are right. What done is done. Start the next day with a clean slate.

Patrick said...

As you said, tomorrow is a new day. Well, tomorrow is today as you posted this yesterday. So, how did today go?