Friday, September 3, 2010


Goals: Brick, eat healthy

Diet Setbacks: Mexican again (but less this time)

Thoughts: I despite being a little sluggish this week, I have still maintained my weight and am hovering at 213 (actually less 211 last night after my ride). Today I ate the mexican again, but only had a fajita, not three entrees like last time. A few hour before my brick I ate ad PBJ and a bag of sun ships just to make sure I could make it through the workout.

Before I went for my brick I lit some charcoal in order to reward myself with a steak upon my return.

I rode the loop the local triathlon uses. I completed it (11 miles) in 45:05. I also set up my transition area before leaving. Got back to transition it took me 2 minutes to change my shoes. It took my 12 seconds at my last race. Big difference. The run portion was 1 mile and it only took me 9:10. Would have been faster but the last hill killed me. I could definitely feel the oxygen deprivation and not sure I could keep this pace up for another 2.1 miles.  I walked 2 miles afterwards. I plan to add a little to the run ever week this month until the race.

Very happy with the run pace. 30 seconds faster than my goal race pace and only 21 seconds slower than my PB. Excellent considering I was just off the bike. Knees and back felt funny for the first quarter mile but that is to be expected.

Not as happy with the bike time. I did cut about 15 minutes off the last time I did this loop, and I got 19-20 mph except, every hill floored me. I climbed in the most granny of all my gear combinations. every hill had me floored. Time for more hill climbs. I need to get this time down in order to make up for my slow run.

I registered yesterday for my next race. local non-circuit triathlon. 250 swim/10 mile bike/ 5k run. Longer swim than the last one by 50m but bike is 2 miles shorter. I would love to beat my last time. The race is about 30 minutes away so I hope to get out and ride the course a few times before race day.


Patrick Mahoney said...

Climbing comes with both TITS and as you lose weight. Also, I was raving in my blog about group riding a few weeks ago, and I still say it's awesome. If you can find a group that does a weekly intro ride at a moderate pace, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting used to the group and keeping up that first time. And then take it from there. Just a thought for the bike..

Molly said...

you run faster than me! Great job!

Caratunk Girl said...

Awesome job!