Saturday, September 11, 2010


Goals: run/bike brick and separate swim or swim/cycle brick and separate run.

Results: swim/cycle kinda brick, 2 mile run

Diet Setbacks: 2 bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, fries and two cokes.

Thoughts: Like yesterday, it seems that whenever I am in a funk I seek comfort foods. I did it again this morning, instead of making a healthy breakfast I went out to eat with CB. Just like yesterday when I was exhausted and ate too many hot dogs I often wonder about my connection to food and my mental well being. As far back as  can remember being home sick meant soft drinks and possibly McDonalds. Too this day being depressed is also paired with eating similar food. Hopefully one day I can pair healthy food and comfort foods so that day like today or yesterday a salad will make me feel better.

It was raining here today so I was unsure of how to proceed with attempting my make up workouts. What I wanted to do most off all was a my brick. I decided against this because I didn't want to get too far from the house in the weather (although it wasn't bad).

Instead I made my swim/bike brick. I swam 2x250. I forgot my watch so no split times. I did swim it in compression shirt I am thinking about wearing for my next race. My first 250 was off, but I do not think it had to do with the shirt. My breathing felt funny, it felt like I was swallowing air. My 2nd set was interval was very comfortable.

After the swim I grabbed my bike and not wanting to go far from the house I did some hill work on my road. I have a hill that is an 8% grade and .48 of a mile long. I planned for 5 reps but was on recovery after the third rep when the rain picked up. Decided to wave off the rest and head home. ended up with a total of six miles.

Climbing is still awkward to me, it seems like I almost come to a stand still. I am still trying to figure out the best technique, strategy, and mechanics of climbing, despite the fact I do alot of it. there is no choice around here. I tried to do the last one sprinting out of the saddle but my chain kept slipping. this disturbs me considering I just picked the bike up from a tune up yesterday. I also could feel the sluggishness of having three sodas over the last two days. Does anyone else have foods and that they can almost feel in your system after consuming?

After dinner I went for a run. I planned for 3 miles but due to the unseasonably low temp, the rain, and the time I decided I would only do two miles but I would increase the intensity. I decided to attempt to keep 10k pace or better and run up that same hill that I was using for my workout earlier. I kept my 10k pace but slowed toward the end. I made it to the top and ran back down, for a portion of it I was at a 7:30 mile pace. I ended up running the 2 miles in just over 19 minutes. This makes me happy because it is in line with my sub-30 5k goal and I ran tougher terrain that usual.

While writing this I have also been been looking at tri shorts and a tri top from aevero. The advertise on BT and are offering a free jersey with shorts purchase. $32 total sounds good for an entry level suit but it also bake me wonder about the quality considering both tops I looked at yesterday were more expensive. The shorts are 85% polyester whcih also makes me wonder. Any one ever tried this brand?
Overall, not what I planned for but not to shabby. Need to keep working at the climbing (often wonder if my bike could be geared better for climbing, I have no clue).


Patrick said...

Honestly I find it hard to criticize you as you are an exercise machine. But I sense you expect and want better of yourself. Ok, not too shabby works; it certainly can be seen as s tep out of a funk. Which means the challenge for tomorrow is to be even less shabby I suppose.

Laura said...

Sounds like you're well on track for a sub 30 5k! Good work :-) said...

I honestly don't think a salad would ever make me feel better...

It's frustrating when the weather gets in the way of a training session, but it sounds like you made the best of it!

Hope you had a great weekend : )