Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Goal: Am run and swim, PM run

Results: PM 3 mile run and 600m swim

Diet setbacks: 5 semi-small slices of pizza

This is one of the most interesting days  I have had since I started training. Before going into it, I am going to rewind back to yesterday afternoon. Today at work we had a safety inspection and I run one of the two most important programs for the institution so I was asked to get in early to make sure all the T's were crossed and I's were dotted. I was asked this after I had already decided to make up yesterdays run by putting it before my am swim. So I set out my work clothes and work out clothes so that I could have fast transition and leave at least an hour early for work.

I woke up at 0430 and shuffled through the dark to my clothes. I got outside and my garmin would not power on. I tried several time with no luck. I know where three miles is so I gave up with the gps. This was to be an easy three miles. Just log some miles. I took the first three steps and everything was sore. I took the next three and every muscle below the waste started to cramp. This was my sign to wave off the run and get more rest.

I laid down and played with the gps for a little while with no luck. When it was time to get up, my legs were still sore (not cramped) so I began thinking about how to recover at work. I read articles and have heard everyone talk about compression sock, sleeves, and tights for recovery. I remembered I bought a pair of under armour compression tights for my 5k race, last new years. This may be weird, but I figured I could try the tights under my clothes at work, since this was my best option next to staying how and resting for the day.

They were very comfortable and I feel like they helped. Although it may just be a mental thing. After work I went out for that run. My training plan called for a 3 mile run, I ran the first 2 at my easy pace (per the McMillan calculator as adjusted from my race this weekend). The first mile was tough but not too hard, the second wasn't easy but I fell into my groove. I ran most of the 3rd mile at my recovery pace. About three quarters of a mile from the house another runner passed my going down the road. Once he got about 300m ahead of me, I felt suddenly compelled to practice taking down another runner. I picked up my pace to about 7:33 and made it to about 75 feet from him. At that point I could not push faster or even keep that pace. I had to fall back to my recovery pace. I finished the run and am glad I got it in.

Walked int he house grabbed my goggles and towel and walked down to the Y. Swam 100m warm up with drills and 2x250. Splits were 6:32 and 6:39. I was disappointed about my time particularly on the second one because I pushed that one a lot harder. I am obviously making gains on my run, but feel like very little change on my bike and swim. I actually feel like I have made no improvements on the swim in months. Bike feels better, but my goals is to be able to maintain a 20mph pace or better for 30 minutes. I may be able to get that on flat roads, but we don't have any of those here. My next race is 10 miles on the bike and the top finishers from the last two years were around 30 minutes for the clydesdales. To be competitive I need to be in that area, not in the 45 minute area I am in. The tops swimmer were in 3 minute areas and there is no chance I will cut my time in half for my next race. Maybe I can get it better in the off season.

I think this is one of my fatal flaws. Anytime I identify a weakness I do research on how to fix it, but every time I find workouts to fix it this requires having to alter an existing training calender. As much as I don't want to, I think I need to be content with my fitness levels and face the fact that my last race may not be any better then my last and it is too late to make major improvements. JUST BE HAPPY!


Andrew Opala said...

... I feel a song coming on "Don't worry, be happy ..."

I'm always amazed that you are tackling so many areas at once - I'm sure as one area gives, you can take please and build in confidence and then some other area improves.

I have difficulty running and talking at the same time ... so I'm concentrating on one thing only :)

Andrew Opala said...

please = pleasure

obviously I can't think and type at the same time either!