Friday, September 24, 2010

092310 and 092410

Goals- 09/23/10 Swim and Hill ride, 092410 AM swim and ride/run brick

Results- check

Diet setbacks- Although I had pizza for dinner tonight, I am not chalking it up as a set back, too much working out.

Thoughts: Yesterday the schedule called for a 600m swim (2x250) in the morning. I thought it might be a little better if I get rest and make it a swim ride brick. After work I accomplished just that. Instead of swimming the 2x250 I swam a 750 very slow concentrating on a form. I think there are two things that could make me faster in the water, better form and faster turnover of my arms. I did four repeats of a half mile, 8% grade hill. I used a technique I read in a Carmichael book. On each repeat I used a harder gear. Oddly, each repeat got faster. It hurt but it felt good, if you know what I mean. Ended the day with another cold shower and slept in the recovery tights.

Today I woke up with the least leg pain I have had all week, but I still decided to put off the swim until afternoon. I thought I might see if I can get off a little bit before lunch and come home to workout and rest. I was able to get off after lunch and I took a three hour nap. It was everything I thought it would be. I got up and swam a 300m stroke drill warm up, 6x50 and 2x100. The splits were the worst ever, every one of the 50m were over 1:05. They are usually around 0:55. Oh well!!

I took another hour nap and then hit my brick. I set up my transition and practiced T1. Just under a minute (only ran about 50 feet to my bike). As always with my brick I rode my local triathlon loop. It did not feel very good, especially when I realized I forgot water. I looked at the garmin at the halfway point and I was making good time, good enough to finish in around 30 minutes. However, I did not finish in 30 minutes. The last 3 miles are up hill, up to a 12% climb, but I was able to average a 10mph on most of the climbs and finish in 41:28.  4:20 faster then my PR on this route! I laughed at one point about how much swerving I was doing during a climb, I thought about how MattyO would be cussing me if he was behind me in a race trying to pass me like the speeding tank he is.

Got back to the house for T2, I was kinda light headed and as I dismounted I did not clear the bike with my right leg and the bike made a fall ( I landed on my feet). Oh well! This paired nicely with something I forgot from earlier- As I was mounted the bike after running it down the road I miss shot and when I flying squirrelled I got a prostate exam from the tip of the saddle- OUCH!! Including tripping running up the driveway I was able to get changed out in 0:20. NICE!

Took off for the run and was able to get up to a sub 9:00 mile. Until I hit the hills then I slowed down to a 10. The goal for today was to run 2 miles at 100% effort under 20 minutes and then jog the last 1.1. Finished the 2 miles in 19:00. I was able to run most of the flats 8:35 or better, only slowed by the hills.

That was a total of 14.5 miles for the day and  I am counting toward Big Clyde weekend challenge..I bid 30 miles for myself

This brick was exhausting and intense, as evident by my bloody right nipple, but it felt great. I still wish I could cycle faster. I have thought a lot about how I think I may to be a point where my bike is holding me back. I know it's not the machine, its the engine; however, I am riding a 24yr old, steel framed bike geared with a 11-25 7 speed freewheel. It is heavy and I don't think it is geared the best for the terrain here. But it is what I have.

This weekend I will be teaching a search and rescue (NC Surface Water Rescue Technician) course close to home. Even with the teaching I am able to sleep in a little to get some extra rest in the morning and am hoping to make a detour and ride the course for my next race. In a perfect world I will ride it both days this weekend to get a feel for it.



Patrick Mahoney said...

which Carmichael book did you read?

Caratunk Girl said...

Ha ha Matty O and the tank he is...ha

CONGRATS on teh PR! Sounds like solid work all around! Congrats!

misszippy said...

You are going to reap the benefits from the hard hill workout, to be sure! Great work.

Adam said...

Wow, nice work on the training PR!! you're really coming along.

Andrew Opala said...

Great PR and I got one too! Thanks for the wishes - the support has been greatly appreciated.