Sunday, September 12, 2010

Half Century Surprise

Goals: 90 minute run.

Results: we'll get to that.

Diet setbacks: I'm thinking none.

Thoughts: Woke up early today for my long run. I have dialed my long run back to 90 minutes until after race day. I left the house and my first mail was on pace and felt good. After that the run went down hill (figuratively). My pace kept dropping and I felt really slow. Due to not feeling it and the fact that I left the house late, I decided to take it to the house after 60 minutes (just under 4 miles, not even as fast as my LSD pace). I often log miles for the sake of logging them. They are always part of a plan so I bear through them. I often even enjoy them. Today I was not enjoying anything about it. If it ever comes to a point that I do not enjoy the aspects of the sport, I know it will be time for me to find another activity.

Last piece of good news before I get on to my subject, as I got ready for Sunday School this morning I tried on a belt I have had in my drawer since college and it fit. It is a size 36. This time last year my belt was a 42.

Earlier this week I started thinking about doing a charity ride after my next race. I found a Half Century that was being put on. It was to find Juvenile Diabeted Research and offered a 50 mile ride, 25 mile ride, 5k run, and 1 mile walk; it was only 10 minutes away to boot and the 50 mile ride even came through my neighborhood.  I debated all week about doing it and decided late Friday that I was not going to do it. This morning my wife reminded me she was going to be working at the church from 3pm until 7pm today. I figure I need the base mile spinning anyways.

During lunch I finally decide to do it. The ride started at 2pm and I got home at ten till. I filled water bottles and a gel flask, changed and added an allen wrench and baby wipes to my jersey pocket (I already keep tire levers, pumps, and a tube in my pocket on training rides). I knew the ride started at a local school and went to the wrong school, I then realized I didn't know where the other school was. I drove around for a few and and eventually saw runners and followed them back.

By the time I got there, registered, and left I was 45 minutes late. I tried to boogie to make up time and catch the group. I kept a 20mph pace for the first 8 miles. The first aid station was just after mile 10 and I skipped it in an effort to make up time. I downed energy gel every 6 miles.

By the second aid station I was out of water, it was right around mile 25. It was manned by a very sweet woman who was offering to fill all my bottles for me and encouraged me to sit. I filled my own bottles because I knew if I sat I was done. I filled one bottle of Gatorade and one of water, ate half a banana and was off again. She told me the last group left 20 minutes ahead of me.

I tried to boogie to catch them but never did see them. I needed rest by third aid station, I was having two issues. I stopped for refills of my half empty bottles (they only had Gatorade at this station) and ate a whole banana.

Got to the end after 3:49. I was shooting for 3:30 but I'm not going to let bother me because I JUST RODE 50 MILES!!!! This is the farthest I have ever ridden. 20 more that my previous high, just this same week. My average speed was 12.5 miles per hour. There was more climbing that I expected but this average pace is starting to annoy me. I need want very much to faster because this is where I spend the majority of my race, but can not figure out how to get there. Hopefully, this long ride and my long ride to come will help. I leaned two things- remember to use Butt-r because my but hurt like hell by the end and that after going that far my right leg begin hurting (can't define whee in my leg). On top of the pure pleasure of the ride they also gave me a to go box with baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread from Outback Steakhouse. AWESOME!

What I wanted most out of this was to build MENTAL STRENGTH to stay on my bike for 50 miles. The hardest thing about this was due to starting so late I never saw another rider. This made it very lonely. country, mountain roads and not a sole. I was very glad to see the volunteer at aid station two because She was the only person I spoke to for the entire trip.


Patrick Mahoney said...

5om at any speed is still 50 miles. Well done, and your pace will increase with time...

abbi said...

Great job on the ride!

Moving Mertle said...

AWESOME JOB! Way to go for it after deciding 2 mins before hand!

Laura said...

That's awesome! Good job :-)