Saturday, September 18, 2010

091610 and 091710

Goal: Thursday- AM Speedwork run and PM Hill Ride. Friday- 600m swim.

Results: We'll get to that.

Diet setbacks: Nothing positive Thursday, Nothing bad Friday.

Thoughts: My plans for Thursday were foiled completely. The previous three day's training left me mentally drained and I needed to sleep. I thought I would just move my run to the evening and just space it a few hours from my ride. Unfortunately, some family stuff came up and I ended up with no workouts and eating pizza.

Friday was the exact opposite. I was off work because I was having to come in Saturday. I started the day with a healthy breakfast and went to mowing the lawn. 3.5 hours, record time for my lawn which involves 2.5 miles of pushing a mower. I took several breaks to rehydrate and graze on healthy snacks.

When I got done, I drove out to the location of Saturday's race for an easy spin and scouting of the race course. It was advertised as flat. It was not. No HUGE hills but not flat. VERY easy spin for 4 miles in 14 minutes.

I headed directly to the pool for a swim. 600m with 2x250. The splits were 5:35 and 6:17. I swam much faster on the second one which makes me think I shorted the a lap on the first one. I took the first one very slow, on purpose, but according to the timer it was faster?

My only concern at this point is that I hope I did not over due it, I tried to take everything easy.

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Andrew Opala said...

what's wrong with pizza? If it's dripping with grease I can understand, but it's all good - just the amount matters.