Monday, September 13, 2010


Goal: long ride, eat healthy

Results: 16.23 miles in 60 minutes.

Diet setbacks: 4 pieces of chocolate and a small frozen coke.

Thoughts: Monday mean group ride. With my last two group rides I have done well at not getting left so today I thought instead of trying to catch the fast group like last time, I would stick to the back and have an easy spin to recover from yesterday. This may have been the worst ride ever. I was not ready. I got left on every climb and a few times I wondered how the others manage to COAST down hill so fast (coast, not pedal) because I got left twice on downhills. I thought everything would go fine as I managed the first two climbs faster than usual.

The climbs hurt, but the worst thing is that my butt is still sore. A lot more sore than I remember it being yesterday. *note to self- find better saddle, preferable one shorter on the front end.

The group waited for me at one stop sign and I apologized for taking so long. they asked if I was ok and I explained about being more tired that I realized because of yesterday. They all told me they were amazed I was even riding today.

I rushed out to the door and completely forgot my Garmin, and with the new bars the old bike computer didn't fit. When I returned home I noted the time and it had been 1:07 since the ride started. Considering it took me a few minuted to stretch and get the bike in I estimate the ride was only about 1 hour flat. I mapped the ride and  on and it turns out it was 16.23 miles. This makes the fastest average time I have ever done. Amazing since it seemed like I was going slower than ever.

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Patrick said...

Wow, 50 miles yesterday & your fastest average time ever today. Impressive in a big way. I don't bike much but there was a time nearly 20 years ago I mountain biked a good deal and I recall the saddle was never my friend. If only I could affix my lazy-boy to the saddle post then maybe I'd be comfy while i ride. yet, such a notion is counter productive I'm sure.