Wednesday, September 8, 2010

090710 and 090810

Goals: 09/07- 600m swim, 2 mile recovery run 09/08-35 minute Tempo Run.

Results: All of the above.

Diet Setbacks: Not as bad as the weekend, but not the best

My boss gave me the day off Tuesday  because he thinks I'm at risk of trying to shoot the office up he wanted me and my partner to take 4 day weekends. I planned Tuesday for an epic day of hiking. I stayed up most of Monday night trying to pick which trails to go visit. I was planing a back country hike either peak bagging, visiting waterfalls, or seeing turn of the century fire watch towers. After much debating and planning, yes I am so structured I fret over my fun times, I decided to not go so back country and take a long hike through a state park to see some overlooks and one waterfall.

However, I overslept and woke up at noon. Too late to take my trip, but enough time to get in my workouts before CB gets home. This way I can have dinner ready for her for a change.

I ran my 2 mile recovery run and then I swam  600m with a warm up and 5x100m. I haven't even looked at my splits yet.

Before bed I reworked my training plan to try to put more time on the bike in. Until my next race I am doing 2 long rides (one as part of a brick) and one hill workout. I am also incorporating the Hal Higdon Intermediate 5k training plan for my runs. I am still 30 minutes short of being proportional to race times. No super long run until after my next race and then I will be on a half marathon plan.

Only negative for the diet was probably too much cheese and crackers (like half a pound of cheese).

Wednesday before work I did my first workout from the Hal Higdon plan- a 35 minute tempo run. It called for a pace equal to my 10k pace. I ran most of it a bit faster, not on purpose, it was just comfortable. I ran the first 3.1 miles in 29 minutes. bad news- the last quarter mile was killing me. Hopefully I will build more endurance for this pace before October. Good news- I made my 5k in under 30 minutes goal. ONE MORE GOAL FOR THE YEAR ACCOMPLISHED.

By the way, the course i ran was the same as the course I did the time trial several months back and didn't quite make it.

Only bad dieting was two pieces of pizza. My team decided to go to a pizza buffet for a morale type lunch. I had two bowls of salad, followed by two slices of pizza. Not too Shabby.


Emz said...

A boss that encourages a 4 day weekend?! WTH?!
Pizza is "bad"?! I'm in trouble.

Patrick Mahoney said...

congrats on hitting the 5K goal. And I'm with Emz. We have a place called z pizza out here. They have whole wheat crust so I'm good :)

Andrew Opala said...

Love that 5k time man I am envious. Your challenge will appear tomorrow on my blog! Finally

misszippy said...

Nice work and way to go on your 5k time.