Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clarity Defog It Review

About a month ago I received samples of Clarity Defog It to review. Here goes.

Why Defog It: Before I get into more about the product I want to discuss why I wanted to try it. It has earned the National Tactical Officers Association's seal of approval. If it has been tested and the NTOA backs it for use on my ballistic glasses while fighting prison escapees and backs it in my gas mask when I am  fighting in riots then I want to try it in triathlon.

My glasses often fog during runs and bike rides when I start breathing heavy, particularly on hills, and of course my goggles fog in the pool. Why not try a new anti-fog product.

About Defog It: Defog It comes in two versions. Wet, a liquid that comes with a small cloth for buffing; and, Dry, an individually wrapped towelette. The company states that it works due to "The proprietary surfactants contained in the formulation form a hydrophilic (water absorbing) layer on the surface of the lens that helps water/fog to sheet evenly and hence improve visibility." They also state that it works in one application and is safe and effective on all lens types.

My Thoughts: When I initially received the product I was impressed by how small both products are. The other two anti-fog products I have used are much larger. Both Wet and Dry fit easily in jersey pocket or transition bag. The dry comes in a plastic case, but also in a foil package. You can carry all three or just one. They company claims that even after using the dry wipe you can put it back in the package and use it again later. I was only able to get two or three uses before it dried out. I tried both product with swim, bike and run. I found the easiest to use was the dry. Just wipe it down and it's done. Although the directions state to start with a clean lens, I also found these were great for cleaning the lenses.

Cleaning glasses is easy. The real test to me was anti-fog for my goggles. I tried the Dry first since it was easiest to use. It worked but started to fog by the end of a mile swim, after I had taken the goggles off a few times. I tried the Wet and it has worked without issue for for over a month now. I have pushed off writing this review because I wanted to see how long it would take for it to start fogging, no luck yet. I would like to try it on my SCUBA mask next time I dive.

Pros: Both are small. Dry can be carried in your pocket any day without the possibility of a mess. Dry is very easy to use.  Wet is VERY long lasting. Both are very affordable, compared to my other anti-fog gels and sprays.

Cons: I would prefer more uses out of the Dry wipes since only three come in a container, more bang for the buck. Although the Wet works very well, small goggles are more difficult to use it on since yo must buff it off with the cloth. This takes a few tries to make sure you buff it all.

Clarity Defog It products and more information including case studies can be found at their website.

Note: The product was provided to me free of charge but all opinions are my own.


Patrick Mahoney said...

cool review. Alas, a defogger is something I never have and always need.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

A little tip that not many people do, putting it on your sunglass during colder or wet rides, they fog up too, makes it better to see out of. Since the temp is dropping now.

Caratunk Girl said...

Good advice from BDD! Great review. I never have that stuff and always wish I did!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I get fogged sunglasses a lot riding, especially after putting my sunglasses on my sweaty head, duh.

P.S. For some reason, your blog is not showing in my reader, so I thought you had stopped blogging for a while. I'll check back more often or hopefully fix the issue.

Patrick said...

If you had to choose between wet or dry, you would pick?

I need something like this for hunting, other stuff I have tried has sucked.

Both are inexpensive so I may just try one of each and test away.

Thanks for sharing!

Adam said...

OR you could do triathlon WHILE beating back prisoners. Cross training while racing!

Julie -- "Hotlegs Runner" said...

Great review! I've always had fog issues with my swim goggles and running shades. =)

bob b said...

The best I have found for riding my motorcycle in all kinds of weather.