Thursday, October 7, 2010


Goals: 10/05/10- PM run and swim. 10/06/10 AM- Ride and Swim. Clean Eating.
Results: 10/05/10- PM 1600m Swim. 10/06/10 AM- 5 mile light spin and 2 mile easy run. PM 800m swim 
Diet setbacks: 10/05- cheeseburger and half of a fountain coke. 10/06- None to note.
Thoughts: Diet so far has this week has been pretty good, except for that cheeseburger. My caloric intake is a little lower since I am working out less. Yesterday was black tea with skim milk and yogurt for breakfasts, various snacks including turkey and cheese roll ups, apple with peanut butter, and at bed time Colby cheese and crackers, dinner was a grilled chicken breast and salad.

Tuesday's workouts were hampered when my wife wanted to go to the her parents for dinner. I only had time for a swim. I didn't have time to run, but I had time to make it a long swim. I did a 400 meter warm up with drills, 8x50 for time (and the splits sucked), and 800m slow for a cool down. Also worked on my turns and my entry. Moved the run to 10/06.

Wednesday I woke up and went for the run and then transitioned to the bike. Coldest bike ride I have ever had. Wanted to ride for 90 minutes, not the 5 miles I did, but i rethought my plan due to traffic. After work swam 2x250 for time (not as good as last weeks) and some. Even though I am stressed this has been a decent week, One reason for this I think is that for 4 days in a row I have had some of the best sleep I have ever had. Each night was 7-8 hours of non-stop sleep. I do not know what has changed, but it has been nice.
Although I DID go into a LONG summary of what I have done for the last few days, I decided a few days back in order to keep from obsessing about this weekend that I would try to write about other things this week. Today I decided to write about how Wednesday I got to do one of my favorite things ever. Run with my dog Holly. Due to the long runs and speed work, and everything else I have not been able to run with her in months. a 2 mile easy run was perfect to get her back out. A while back Laura at Box, Run, Eat asked for pictures so here is a long little bio and a ton of photos on Holly.

I aw searching for a dog in 2007 and wanted to find a dog that would be a good apartment dog, but also a good fit for me. A dog that isn't girly, and I take running, hiking, etc. (no poodles). On Christmas day 2007 CB showed up at my apartment with her. I named her Holly because it was Christmas (I normally call her tater).

PS- I know the formatting sucks. I haven't be able to get Blogger to work with me for the last two days.

She stole ALL of the bows as we opened gifts.

She was tiny.

She tried to sleep in CB's suitcase the 1st night.

She is Pitbull and Greyhound
She kept growing.
And growing.

And growing.

Her general disposition is..... leave no toy undestroyed.

She's been hiking since she could walk and not fall over.

She has a travel bowl but prefers her own bottle.

Sometimes CB comes with. (Holly posed on her own)

But usually that just leaves me with two girls not paying attention.

Holly is MY dog and my best friend. It was just me and her for years until I got married last year. However, I would be remised if I didn't give some honorable mention to the other goober in our house. Last winter Cb knew I was looking for another dog to give some company to Holly come spring. I wanted a male, UKC purple ribbon pitbull. I wanted to find a breeder who's dog's had a body style I liked. At this same time one of Cb's coworkers had found a puppy that ran into the street. She posted adds, asked the neighbors, and even did a commercial on the free cable channel. No one responded and she already had a puppy. She was going to take her to the shelter. But first, they arranged to bring her by my house "to see if I liked her".

She was little and sweet.
And Holly didn't try to eat her.

 I named her Samantha

She grew.
And grew.
 Now I have the hardest time dealing wither her
because she is too damn cute to be mad at.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Beautiful dogs! I have two as well, with one on the way out - he's fading rapidly, but I'm not quite ready to put him down. Never ran with them but I always wish I had (those were the slothful years).

Matty O said...

Haha loved the pup pictures. Great mixes. Looks like they are troopers too!

We love our dogs, definitely would not be nearly as happy as we are now without them.

Keep up the good work man!

Andrew Opala said...

great post! putting faces (and snouts) on the writing!

Mrs. Tucker said...

What adorable dob babies! Your wife must have great taste in dogs :)

I think they are BOTH too damn cute to be mad at.