Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Goals: PM run, 40 Carbs

Result: 10 mile run.

Diet Setbacks: one slice of pizza, but I'm writing it off

Morning Weight: 206

Thoughts: Today was a good day. Very simple. After making (serious) jokes on the comments section of Emz blog yesterday, karma paid off and I ended up having to go do some work; thanks to two stabbing at another prison.

This always messes with my food schedule, but I still did alright. I got home with enough time to get my run in so I ate a grilled chicken sandwich as fuel and waited 30 minutes. The schedule today calls for 3 miles but due to an undisclosed reason (or two) I want to work in some more long runs. So I made it 10 miles, and hopefully I can try my luck at a 15 miler this weekend.

CB brought home a pizza for me to have for dinner (I was going to have a chicken breast), I had one small slice. It brought my carb count to 65 for the day. My goal was 40, but I think I can still count today as a win thanks to my run. In fact, I was 202 when i returned from my run, I burned some sweat and dropped some sweat.

Run went very well except for a few things. My on paper goal was a 12:00 pace, my in my head goal was 11:00, I finished with a 11:30 pace, I held a 10:59 pace through mile three, 11:12 until the last mile, but the last hill killed me.

The problems were these: I ended up with pain on the balls of my feet, I had pain on the top of my feet near the superficial peroneal nerve. I also had on and off knee pain, but I always get this on my first long run. I am going to remedy the pain on the top of my feet by changing my laces. I have no idea about the feeling of bruises on the balls of my feet.

The most important thing I want out of this post is to pose a few questions:

How to fuel during long runs?

Do you have any long run rituals?

Do you eat before long runs, if so what?

Have you had odd pains during long runs?

Any useful advice to lend as my distances grow?


carla said...

Ive recently learned (again) that Im NOT one to give running advice :)
so I shall take the easy query about the fueling.

I am a bar woman when it comes to my prerunfood (I run at the CRACK when Im running. 5a).

something fast small and with lottsa water.

when my life is idea its a homemade protein bar.


abbi said...

I typically don't eat before long runs. If I do, one piece of dry toast. During the long runs, I've found GU Chomps or Shot Bloks work for me. Gels don't agree with my stomach, but it took experimenting to figure all this out. Good luck as your distances get longer.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

How to fuel during long runs? Powerbar Gel Blast

Do you have any long run rituals? Nope

Do you eat before long runs, if so what? I always eat before I go out, something really light, like brown rice and chicken, or oatmeal.

Have you had odd pains during long runs? Runners seem to be the most aware people when it comes to their bodies, they notice every "unusual" feeling their body signals when they are running

Any useful advice to lend as my distances grow? Follow the 10% rule

misszippy said...

Everyone is different with fueling, so you'll need to experiment. For me, after years of running, I have found the perfect formula is a frozen whole grain waffle with some natural peanut butter smeared on it. Then gu and/or gatorade during the run. good luck with it!

One Crazy Penguin said...

I'm a big fan of Gu Rocktane for fueling during runs. I'm a salty sweater and I really like the added sodium in these.

And I'm with BDD, follow the 10% rule.