Friday, October 22, 2010


Goal: Weights, Run, 35 carbs

Results: Weights, 21 carbs.

Diet setbacks: ONLY 746 calories and 12 carbs. TOO LOW (how often can I say that?)


This post really has no point. All day I thought of not posting, but this is going to be one just to throw up here to have and reflect on later. This one is just for me.

Thoughts: After two days of fun going back to the office sucks. It suck more when the other two elements of my department are out sick. Stayed busy but not bogged down.

Week two of dog training left little time in the afternoon for training. CB has been wanting to workout lately but too busy with her social life and was going to put it off today. After dog training we had an hour to until the Big Bang Theory came on. We watch this together every week (actually every night as CB has bought all three seasons on DVD). We also need to make dinner in this period. I told her I would handle it and I would get in what ever I could. She started making excuses and then small talk. I stopped her and told her "stop talking, go change, get out of this house". I felt like an ass but sometimes I just need to be direct.

I started dinner, RAN to the gym, did one set of all 12 exercises, jogged back. She cam in and by the time she was out of the shower dinner was on plates and ready to eat.

She told me how much she enjoyed the workout and was glad she went.

I planned to get in a 3 mile run after our show, but I was tired. Now I have to decide how to juggle. I have a long run Sunday and I like to rest the day before a long run. I have to decide do I run on Friday and Saturday? If so which day is my easy run and which day is speed work? If I scrap one workout and just run Friday is it the speedwork or the easy run? Time will tell.

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