Monday, October 11, 2010

Take Flight Photos

Today was a free day all around. No workouts (even though I was thinking of swimming a few laps but ran out of time) and no diet restrictions. I had Special K for breakfast,  Phillie cheese steak and fries for lunch, chicken quesadillas (can neither spell that nor find it in spell check) for dinner, and Mountain Dew icee for desert. I'll get back on the diet tomorrow (I hope). Season is over but my mind is still on off season training, planning next season's races,  my half-marathon training starting next week, bikes, and other crap. I even called the Y today to get prices for private swim lessons. When I indicated to her that I knew how to swim and wanted an instructor who could help me be for competitive, the aquatics director was surprised and said that no one had ever called and asked for that before. I also found some time trial races about an hour from my house, it could be fun just to practice going fast on level ground. Also, it is at a NASCAR track. That way I can say I've raced on Lowe's Motor Speedway.

Below are some pictures from yesterday (maybe) and captions (MAYBE)

Let's Roll

It's Early!!

# 306


Sighting #305 to pass, had to wait until the next length because she blocked me at this wall.

#304 blocking THIS wall before I pass her on the next length.

First time I've seen a photo of me with body roll and high elbow for recovery

#307 just in front of me and #303 behind me. Oddly #303 beat me by about 12 minutes yet I pass him here,
and never saw him on the bike or run. He must have gone out when I went back for my helmet.

Going out WITH my helmet this time.

Seat still up.

Look- my seat has fallen and I am sitting on the top tube, but my feet are out of the shoes already.

Getting my number on. It only LOOKS like I'm walking.

Watch the curb!

This is one of my favorites. If you look carefully, BOTH of my feet are off the ground!!
I wish she had this one from the front, but they wouldn't let her back there. See the skinny guy on my back?
All photo credits to CB


abbi said...

Great pics! You are definitely floating in that last one!

Moving Mertle said...

Way to go! I bet an athletic magazine are going to buy these pics any minute!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Way to levitate, rock star!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Yep, that last photo is awesome.

Emz said...

Love this post - you had me at PCS. Cheese steak. Yummmmmmm!!!
Heck w/the special k.
Love the photo. Skinny guy needs a PCS!!