Monday, October 18, 2010


Goal: Long run, eat healthy

Results; 4.5 ish miles

Diet: All the fast food a boy can ask for.

Weight: 207

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Thoughts: Today (10/17/10) was one of the worst runs I have ever had, but not really because of the run. After I share this GROSS ordeal, maybe you've had something similar.

Still being in my zero week I planned to go for an unstructured run of 10 miles. If I only got in 7 I would have been happy. First problem- overslept. I got up and had an hour until time to get ready for church, decided to make it 5 miles instead.

I thought about how to make the most out of my five miles. I decided to take advantage of the high school being closed and use their track for some speed work.

I got up and got dressed the temp was between 39-54 degrees, depending on the source. I do not like running in the cold, but it is my intention to run outside as long as possible this season and once I am forced to move inside by the cold temps, I will still make one run outside per week. Not being outside in the cold I am not really prepared to dress for it. I do have long sleeves and an ear warmer, but lack proper attire for my legs. According to "what to wear" on those temps call for shorts, tee, hat, and vest. That's not going to keep me warm. The only technical gear I own for my legs are a pair of Under Armour tights. I bought them for a race last New Year's day, but lately have used them mostly for recovery. I chose those and wore a pair of basketball type shorts, that I use on shorter runs, lifting, and lounging around the house, to wear over them. For some reason the way the shorts hung over the tights made the short look comically oversized.

I ran the 1.25 miles to the high school as a warm up. As I debated what type of intervals to do. 400, 800, ladders, miles? I decided to do two- one mile repeats. As soon as go to the track I went into the first one. It felt very good and spent most of it at a sub 8 minute pace. I slowed down a few times, oddly mostly in the shade, so I did not get any new PR. I jogged for a mile to rest and right before I started again I began feeling a cramp in my stomach. I wanted to push as hard as possible to try for a new PR. I thought this might be possible since the first one went so well.

As I began the second repeat my stomach started to feel worse, but I pushed through it. I finished the repeat, with no PR and started the run home. As I started up the hill on the run home my cramp grew. I stopped to walk and decided I would run again after waiting 60 seconds past when the pain went away. I did this twice. The third time I stopped to walk and the cramp didn't go away. I had to walk the the last .75 of a mile home with worst intestinal cramp I have ever had. I stopped several times to double over in pain, I even thought about going to hide in some bushes but was lacking trail money.

As I continued to walk home and it got to the point I could barely walk. But this pain wasn't the cramp. This time it felt like chaffing on my legs. Despite the flat seems on the tights and having worn them and even raced in them before with no problems, there were burning my skin. Now I had two strikes against me, every step was labored.

It ended up taking me 25 minutes to walk home three quarters of a mile. I barely made it through the door, leaving a trail of clothes and shoes trough the house. When all was said and done, I also had to check my legs. I had wounds, reminiscent  of blisters, with similar proportions to a 12oz drink can.

The rest of the day sucked as I had constant stomach issues and could barely walk. The funny thing is, the portion of the workout that I got done was great and I am very pleased with it.


misszippy said...

We've all been there. "That which does not kill me..." right?

Laura said...

I've had the cramps, luckily they have always hit me after I've got home! I've also had the chafing, in a pair of trousers which had never previously bothered me... No explanation for either though I'm afraid!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Trail money, love it.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Been there so I totally feel for you. The chaffing probably looks awful but will heal fast...

chris mcpeake said...

Can totally relate. Not fun

Caratunk Girl said...

I have been there, more than once. It sucks. Like Patrick said, the chafing will heal quickly, I put neosporin on mine to help it along.