Sunday, October 10, 2010

Take Flight Triathlon Race Report 10/10/10

I have more pictures but they won't load on the air card.

Up at 0520, BM, shower (just to make me feel good), ate PB and honey toast, grabbed the bag (bike still in car from yesterday), and headed to the car. Went back inside and got CB.

The race started at 07:30 and I was shooting to be there at 06:45. The swim was time trial start and I was number 306 with a start time at 09:00:15. I figured I'd get there and start warming up at 07:00. My warm up strategy is to go through all of the events in reverse order, but I knew I would have to modify that since I wouldn't be able to bike on the course once it started. The closer we got the worse my stomach felt. I needed to use the bathroom again but also could puke at any moment.

We got there I racked my bike, dropped the bag, went to get my timing chip, body marking (still don't know why they wrote my age on my calf), and hit the latrine again. Finished that and had 15 minutes till the race start to get the bike warm up done. Wanted to just run through the gears. Got on the bike and realized that they adjusted my seat at the shop, I could barely reach my pedals.

Got back in and unpacked my bag/set up until I got to my tools. I fixed the seat. Just as I did this the ref came up and told me the race started in 2 minutes and that I needed to clear out because once the race started the area was closed. I RUSHED through setting up and left. This spoiled my run warm-up since I wouldn't be able to put my shoes back. I headed to the pool were CB was sitting and paced sat with her until 08:30. I ate my half PB sandwich snack and hit the warm up pool. Swam a few laps, a few drills, and sat in the WARM water. Swam a few more practicing the lane change and it was time to go. Time to head to the big pool.


Goal: 250m in 5:30 or better (best in practice is 5:45) and pass 2 people. Perfect day- Sub 5:00

First, I put the Garmin in a bag in a ziploc under my swim cap, but the button got pressed during the swim and by the time I was done the Garmin said I was in the bike section. Second, the water was FRIGID. 3.2.1 Go! By the time I got to the end of the first length I was behind #305 by inches. I got to the end of the second length and she (305) got in my way and would let me pass. As soon I got the third length underway I passed her. Moments later I passed 304, then 303, and 302. Just after that 307 got right next to me, I decided to let her pass and slid into her slip stream. I could have pushed it but I decided I would just draft. Out of the pool and out of the door. The cold air hit me and I cussed. Time unknown at this point.


Goal: under 1 minute.

I had a great spot. On the end of a rack pointed out to the bike course, only 15 feet from the exit. This however, meant a long run to the rack. I shorted it at first and ran to the long rack, looked around and went back to running. Got there, jersey on, shoes on, skull cap on, and time to go? hit the exit jumped for the mount and a volunteer yelled "306 HELMET!" . I looked at the volunteer when he yelled and I MISSED the seat. I hit the top tube with 200+ pounds of force into some not so nice body parts. Then my wet shorts slid on tube and as my foot missed the pedal I fell over. Picked the bike up and ran back in (I think I technically never mounted the bike), grabbed a helmet and coached #304 (it was her first race that is what not to do). Ran back out, moved to the side and mounted the bike. SLOW IT DOWN. got on an tried to pedal. NOTHING. Tried again. NOTHING! Another volunteer yelled at me again and informed me when I fell I knocked the chain off. I tried twice to put in on but my hands were SHAKING! A volunteer helped me get it on and told me to relax and make it up on the run.


Goal: 37 minutes (scouted it between 38 and 39). Perfect day Sub 35:00.

Somewhere about .1 of a mile out (garmin off so I don't know how far it was but it was before the first turn) the seat dropped. All the way down. Hmm.... The bike course seemed like it went fast, a lot faster then when I scouted it a few weeks ago. However, all the hill were easier today. I picked about 4 people off. I got passed twice, both by guys with bibs in the 150's which tells me I passed them in transition. On the biggest hill I had to come out of the saddle, and was mashing about 1 RPM a minuted. MASHING AS HARD AS I COULD while keeping my balance. The end came up faster then I realized and I got my feet out of the shoes and coasted in. Jumped off the bike and knocked a shoe out of the pedals. Had to run back for it. Still didn't know what my time was since the Garmin was off.


Goal: under 1 minute.

Lost the helmet and skull cap on the way, racked the bike, stepped into the shoes. Back of right shoe bent and I had to bend over to take it back off, fix it and put it back on. Grabbed visor and race belt and was off again.


Goal: Sub 30, but perfect day sub 27.

Although legs were sore, my normal problem during bricks is waiting for my knees to get used to running. No problem with that today, but the first .1 out of transition was on grass, I haven't run off pavement in 6 month, it was working my core. The first mile was just under 8:35. Not to shabby off the bike. I was actually at 7:16  for most of it but once I got into the hills it came down. Not sure how I liked the run course. Not because of the hills ( I train on hills) but because of the course. It was through a residential neighborhood and we would would run down the a main street down into a cul-de-sac and turn around, go back to main street and to next cul-de-sac. I think this way not be as fast as a out and back or loop course. I crossed through the same intersection 3 times. Slowed on mile 2 to 9:14 and back to 9:04 for mile 3. Just before mile 3 was the biggest hill on the run. I took it slow and most people on the course with me stopped to walk it. I passed a  (lanky runner) guy and after I passed him he started jogging, he walked again, and then jogged. Just enough to keep up with me. At mile 3 some other came back on the course to run with that guy. He I picked up my pace when I saw the finish. I heard the guy behind me's turnover increasing so I sprinted for it. I WAS NOT GOING TO LET SOMEONE WHO I PASSED FINISH BEFORE ME- AND I DIDN'T!!!

Post Race

After I finished I walked to the end of the finish chute and put my hands on my knees I took about a minute and was good. This told me that I may have been able to push harder since I didn't even feel like I had to throw up (CB sayed I recovered a lot faster than my first race in July). I grabbed a water and Powerade zero, a cup of goldfish and sat down. After about 10 minutes I went to wash my face (my skin burns when I sweat) and pack up transition. I after I sat down to pack up and once everything was up I stayed sitting there and I prayed.

They posted the preliminary results of everyone who finished by 10 (not me) there were 6 Clydesdale who had finished and I was around 5th compared to their times. Since I knew there was no podium spot and CB was getting sunburned I decided we should leave. I like to stay and out of respect to all the top finishers, but CB was nice enough to come with me so I should make her suffer anymore.

One the way home CB took me to Chilli's for lunch. Still in bike jersey and body marking.

Home and into compression gear to recover. I actually look forward to putting the tights on tonight. They really do help.


Goal: Under 1:25. 2010 goal is under 1:30.

I finally saw my times when the posted them this evening.

Swim: 5:22 (PR)
T1: 1:30
Bike: 40:24
T2: 1:34
Run: 27:34

OVERALL: 1:16:21

Clydesdale- 6/8 (#4 in the run)
Men's- 137/191 (although 136 had the exact same time to the second)

If I had been in the novice class- 7/15
If I had been in the 25-29 AG- 16/18

I feel solid, but I could feel better. I felt like I didn't leave it all out there, but that maybe because of not working as hard as I could have on the bike with proper saddle height. Today's time was good but could have been better considering the waiting in pool to pass, helmet issue, bike issues, and shoe issue. That could have shaved 3 or more minutes off. Nice considering I was only 4 minutes behind the person in front of me in the division and 10 behind #1. Next year after a little swim coaching, a better bike, and continued running work I hope to be a beast. AND from now on the helmet stays attached to the bike so it is not forgotten.


Patrick Mahoney said...

Wow man way to smash your finishing goal. That's gotta feel good. When you said you "lost" your helmet I thought it was a euphemism for taking it off. You really lost it?

abbi said...

Great job and congrats on killing your goal!

Matty O said...

Awesome job man!!! You nailed your goal and learned QUITE A BIT!

Helmet, that is the first thing I put on in transition :) Easiest to forget and an instant DQ if you mount.

Sucks on the flub on the bike.

If anything I think you learned a lot about the length of the triathlon and next time you should be able to pace better and drop your time so that you can't move at the finish line :)

Good job man, way to stick it out and never give up!

Mrs. Tucker said...

You did awesome! You finished every single event under the time I had planned to expect you :)

I'll be happy when that bike is in the trash. Seriously. I had a heart attack when the police came back with a blue bike! I just knew you had crashed and burned because it is 300 years old!

Moving Mertle said...

You did AWESOME. Knocked that 1:30 goal out of the water! Transitions probably are the hardest thing, and little things like a helmet would totally throw me off my game. You pushed yourself the entire time!

Molly said...

Holy cow, you nailed it!!! Sorry about the bike chain and other mishaps, love how you sprinted at the end. Congrats!!!!

Laura said...

Good job! You totally smashed your time goal!! Well done :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats!! Way to beat your personal goal.