Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Goal- am spin class, weights, 45 carbs.

Results- weights

Diet- no problems

Morning Weight- 209

Thoughts: this post is brought to you from the back of the NC Prison Emergency Response Team bus. No time to get to a computer today.

Today was the next chapter of my book. I began the intermediate half marathon plan from Hal Higdon today. It calls for weights twice a week and this was the first time. After searching for a good strength program I found a 12 exercise program from mark allen (hopefully I can link tomorrow). It has 4 phases and they will cycle all up to my half marathon at the end of the year. I plan to start it over in time for triathlon season.

Because of my end of the month goal I also am restarting my diet today. I am going back to following the protein power diet until my training volume goes up. Today's goal was 45 carbs and I will taper down to 33 per day. Once the volume goes up and my. Weight down I'll stop worrying about it again and just eat balanced.

The only error today was over sleeping. I talked cb into spin class and then set my alarm for pm. She said shell still go with me later.

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Moving Mertle said...

Those alarm clocks must have a conspiracy pact. Mine's done that pm thing a few times. Way to have a new start. New routines seem so cool and make me get excited for them.