Friday, October 29, 2010


Goal: weights, run, low carbs

Results: run

Diet: I don't remember a diet.

Morning weight: 205

Thoughts: today was another one of my " interesting" days. I had to be at the prison for some secret squirrel business at 0430. No hopes in a pre-work workout when I only get 7 hours to be home and need to fit in eating and sleeping. The most positive part about this was I got to go home early since at 1pm I had worked over 8 hours. I had big plans for my off earlyness. I planned to grab a salad, take a 30 minute nap, lift weights, turn my 3 mile run into a 5 or 6 miler to amp up the fat burning, and finish a job application.

Reality played out a little different. I got home and bypassed the salad for my nap. Instead of 30 minutes, I woke up at 5:45. Although I missed out on prime time for my workouts I am not upset, if I spent that long asleep, then my body needed it. Waking up at 5:45 gave me just enough time to wipe the sleep from my eyes (and drool from my face), get the dogs outside, and make treats for dog training. After training, I helped make dinner and then it was time for OUR show and to eat said dinner. This left only 30 minutes left to workout before bed. I had to pick. I went with running. THE PLAN called for a 3 mile run, being that it was cold and I had limited time, I made it two miler but went to one of my favorite hills for a terrain challenge. I AM COMMITTED TO MAKING IT TO THE GYM TO LIFT IN FRIDAY MORNING!!!

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Growing up I often use music to escape from my life. Every part of my life has had a soundtrack and I have listened to a wide variety of music over the years. I have had brief periods of country, rock, punk, swing, oldies, and others. The two longest stretches may have been punk and rap. I still listen to rap the majority of the time. Growing up when tough times were around me and I was very angry I listened to angry music. For some reason  if I wanted to confront someone, listening to aggressive music got me over it, just by listening to someone else being angry helped. I listened to the music that you would probably never want your kids listening to, not the rap you here on the radio.

Today I still use music as a release and mix my music with my mood or my activity. Yard work often is paired with Sublime. Hanging out on the back porch with reggae. Mountain biking with either Pink Floyd or some of my favorite punk bands doing cover songs (for some reason I have a deep love of hearing punk variations of songs that were never intended to be arranged that way).

I also use music as motivation. Case and point, this weekend when my 15 mile run started to lag in the third hour I started my idevil ipod. The first song to play was "Go Hard" by Kanye West. Listening to this song made me feel renewed and my pace improved my a minute per mile.

This morning I heard a song I had never heard before or at least never remembering hearing before. I was listening to Stan's mixtape which is a limited edition bonus disk that came with an Eminem CD years ago. The song was Eminem featuring Jay-Z and entitled "Renegade". A certain set of lines stuck out to me. I do not think that rap today is as artistic and as much like poetry like it was in it's early state, however due to it's context it still gives many people something to relate to by discussing poverty, drugs, violence, etc. The lines I heard today were two-fold. The big picture of the lines is something I related to, but there were a few words that really stuck out to me and I think myself and others can use every day. At the bottom of this post is the exert that has been motivating me today; my favorite parts don't make much sense out of context so I included the entire section but the bold is what I find the most powerful.  (I have edited the song slightly to use less slang).

What is your favorite song you have heard today?

What music has motivated you on a recent workout or through a part of your life recently?

"My pops left me an orphan, my momma wasn't home
(You) could not tell me that I wasn't grown;
'specially on nights I brought something home to quiet the stomach rumblings
My demeanor - thirty years my senior
My childhood didn't mean much, only raisin green (money) up
Raising my fingers to critics; raising my head to the sky
Just know I chose my own fate
I drove to the fork in the road and I went straight"


misszippy said...

I agree...if you could nap that long, your body probably needed it!

I love music but I actually only use it if I am sentenced to the treadmill. I know, a bit odd like that, but I really enjoy my workouts with all my senses free to take in the environment.

Pretend this is real... said...

This might not be what you're looking for but I love to listen to music at a particular bpm. I find that it keeps me moving (often faster than I was planning) and lets my mind wander. Podrunner has a bunch of free podcasts on iTunes that got me started. They're all techno, which I don't normally listen to, but without words I find that means I don't get so absorbed and can think things through on my runs.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is one thing I have not done today was listen to music, I dont know what was wrong with me, time flew at work

Patrick said...

When I work out on weights, I just crank the classic rock station and whatever is on is what I get into. For cardio, I will let the ipod shuffle through my collection of rock fromthe 70s & 80s. I also lean on some stuff fromthe past decade like Chevelle.