Saturday, October 16, 2010

101510 and 101610

Goals: 10/15 5 mile run. 10/16 weights.

Results: spot on.

Diet: Crap

Thoughts: I felt great Friday, despite starting the day with a McDeath McGriddle. I had some of the most positive energy I have had in some time. I wanted to leave work early, but didn't, because I wanted to run. I just needed to run off the energy, and capture this time in my happy place. After I got home I found that my tri uniform, I ordered three weeks ago had arrived. I tried it on and was off to run. I began and the first two miles were very slow, almost LSD slow. I decided to change the Garmin screen and just get the miles in. By the time I got home I checked my average pace and it was BAD. Not to be mentioned bad! It's ok at least I got in a workout.

As I mention above the tri jersey and shorts I ordered came in. I decided to try out. I ordered them from Aevero. I checked the reviews on and they were all good. The items were customizable by inseam and jersey torso length. Before I ordered them I converse via email with the president, Brent. The website says that the items should be delivered 5-7 business days, but he said that in reality the items should arrive in 3-4 business days. When it arrived the shorts were slightly too long but fit well otherwise, and the jersey was the length of a slutty dress. Also, the fabric is much heavier compares to the Zoot and Sugoi tops I tried on in the store. On top of that, after ordering it 10/01/10 it was 9 business days, excluding the ordering day and Columbus Day, before it arrived. It was mailed 2 day mail, so clearly it was not even mailed until the end of 7 days it was to arrive in. Kind of crappy if you ask me. Aevero has a "No Sweat" return policy. I am now debating returning it to have the shorts shortened and try a smaller jersey, or returning it for a refund since the season is now over. It was SUPPOSED to get here BEFORE my last race.

I did a lot of thinking about racing today. All week I was debating racing in the lungstong 5k/15k in the 5k race in a neighboring town. I wanted to see how I felt first. The constant improvements I have seen over the last months have made deciding to race in a "B/C" race tough. I now feel like if I don't feel like I can go out and get a new PR like I have the last few times then I shouldn't bother. I also looked at last year’s results and was not too sure I would be very competitive. At the end of the day Friday, my coworkers made me privy to a local 5k that was going to be going on with an apple festival. The results from last year would have more my speed. I still wasn't sure.

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and starting thinking about it. I decided I should run the 15k @ lungstrong. I realized that having never run one before any results would be a PR. I planned to run it at my HM pace for practice. I looked at last year's results and even the Clydesdales were running 7:40 miles. That is insane to me that every runner was running sub 8 minute miles. By the time I was done looking at the results it was 5:50. For me to get to the race on time I needed to get up in 10 minutes. I laid down and thought that if I was still up in 10 minutes I would go and if not I would go to the apple fest 5k. I woke up at 0900 and missed both. OH WELL.

After I got started for the day I went to the Y and got the jump start on the weight training program I was starting Monday. It was nice to do some strength training for a change. I also got in 1850 meters in 8 minutes on the concept 2 rower as I waited for CB to finish her program on the recumbent bike.
Tonight we also had are anniversary dinner. We were married one year ago Sunday. While at dinner we discussed me doing Ironman 70.3 Augusta instead of going to Wilmington for Beach to Battleship. CB seems to be on board. It would be a year earlier than my plan, but I think that would be ok. New Orleans and Florida would be my alternates. I checked Friday and the later two have open registration. Augusta's hasn't opened up yet from what I understand. 2011 may be an interesting year.

Last thing: Questions.

As it has been getting colder I started looking for bib tights or long sleeve jerseys to ride in. Although I generally don't like wearing logo (unless the're paying me), on Ebay I found several tights/jersey combos for a really dirt cheap price. The one's I like the look of are Livestrong, Pearl, Subaru, and Shimano. Since I don't follow pro cycling (except searching for where to find EPO) I don't know anything about these teams. Are there any of them that would make me look like a D-bag?

Question 2: Monday I start my Half marothon training. my training plan includes 5-6 days of running (ver low volume for the first few weeks) and strength training. The plan does not include cross training but the description says that it is ok to do. If I want to get the most out of one cross training session per week, can anyone suggest what activity and type of workout to do?


Patrick Mahoney said...

Livestrong is Lance's thing, but I think the message outweighs the controversy. Shimano and Pearl are manufacturers, it's like wearing Levis. Subaru must have a sponsorship interest in a smaller team...

That said, I've always had good luck with Louis Garneau and Hincapie stuff, which will have plenty of neutral choices...

Adam said...

Cross training huh? So, other that lifting weights, biking will help you cardo and leg strength wise and be most complementary to your running.

Something like Rowing will probs burn the most cals.