Thursday, October 21, 2010


Goals: 3 mile run, 40 carbs

Diet setbacks: 66 carbs

Morning Weight: 205

Thoughts: Today I had my monthly training with the Prison Emergency Response Team. Training went well and there was no PT this month so I could still get in my own workout. Today got to use a race track for our training to concentrate on high risk inmate transport and how to take back a prison bus that has been taken over my inmates. It was a day full of firsts. It was my first time being a team leader. I was given an evolution to lead with the scenario that our convoy has taken fire and the vehicle containing the inmate (mine) is no longer operable. I had to decide how to tactically stop the vehicle, regroup, move the inmate, and leave again. I came up with my plan, talked it out with the team, we did walk throughs as if we were the cars and then put into action. We took two laps around the track to get up to speed and then gave the order to stop. It was 9 seconds from the time I gave the command to stop until we had the inmate moved and were on the road again. Fastest of all teams, instructors said it was "flawless".

Today was also the first time for a few other things. The first time I have driven on a race track, first time I have driven a prison transfer bus. First time I have driven a prison bus at high speeds around a race track. AWESOME!!!!!

the down side of training is when plans change. Due to the weather we had to change our lunch plans. i hate when things like this happen. When I am in this phase of a diet I plan everything out for the day. I don't like when kinks are thrown in my plan. We went to a restaurant whose healthiest option was a taco salad. Even considering I had two slices of pizza planned for dinner, lunch is probably what put me over my goal. I planned to order the taco salad and not eat the shell. Unfortunately, it was the smallest taco salad I had ever seen. I ate the guts and was still hungry. I started eating the shell too. I only got half of it down before the waiter took my plate out from under me. (myself and another co-worker who was brought diet soda twice even though he ordered regular, discussed if he was trying to tell us we are too fat)

After work I got in a 2.75 mile run/walk with Holly. It was planned for 3 miles but I had to take it in early for a bathroom break. I also had to walk about .75 in the middle to walk off a cramp. This run was to be slow in order to recover from my long run and it was apparent that my legs were still sore from all the hills. After I got done in the house and changed dogs and went for a .75 walk with Sammy.

In the end the mileage was more than my intended mileage but with less running then planned.  During the second walk I did a few short runs, just to let sam run with me for the first time (after her 6 bathroom breaks in a half mile). She actually seemed to enjoy it, but she collapsed in front of her water bowl as soon as we got home.

Although my goals were not met and I had obstacles, it still felt like a good day.

Do you ever have days that deviate from your plans, but are still good days?


Patrick Mahoney said...

You could force feed me an entire pizza and 9 liters of soda plus evict me from my house but if I got to drive a bus around a race track at high speed I'd still consider it a good day.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

All the time, instead of a day by day training program, I have a training check off list with a day I should do it, I just look at the list and do the workout I feel I want to do that day, works for me, then I dont dread "oh geeze I have to "blah blah" today, instead pick something that will fit into my schedule

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Any day that involves that many firsts is a good day. Any deviation should be taken for what it is, a deviation, get back on the horse the next day!

Patrick said...

Seems more and more I am having issues keeping days on plan, but, I do still have good days. Which is a big thing for me as I used to just go to crap if my plan went bad and use the excuse, i can start again tomorrow. Ugh to that thinking!

Laura said...

I hate it when plans change too! They can sometimes turn into good days, glad yours did! I've had some days when my training has had to be pushed back and back so much that I really don't feel like doing it but on those days when you get it done you feel extra good about it!