Monday, October 25, 2010

One Year in Retrospect- Part 1

As I ran last night I thought of the significance of the day and of the past 12 months. I decided there are three major date of significance that I will review one year from that date. As per the title this is part one.

On September 9th, 2009 I quit my job as a North Carolina Parole Officer and the next day moved from our state's capitol to the rural city of Statesville, NC. A city that for the most part would be void of any major activity if it weren't for the intersection of two major roads US-40 and US-77.

On October 17th, 2009 after dating each other exclusively since 2002, CB and I married. The next morning we left for a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas. We could only afford the cruise itself and no airfare so we made the 13 hours drive in my Dodge Ram. That was a long drive.

We returned October 22st and on October 23 I spent the day moving all of CB's stuff from her parents house to our rental. After things slowed down, on October 25th 2009 I stepped on the scale and it read 250 pounds. This was the most it has ever read and this begins where I start reflecting.

It was shortly after this that I decided to make a change. Actually, two time previously the same year I had made "changes" that did not stick. Unemployed, I figured other than searching for a job I could also start working out. I do not know where my little notebook from the gym is so I do not know when I started working out, I vaguely remember going to the gym on Halloween and then going to a friends house for some plinking. My first daily log on is dated November 2nd. I recorded my weight as 248 pounds. My first workout I recorded on the same website was November 15th, 2009. I ran for 15 minutes at 6 mph and noted my weight as 240 pounds.

This morning October 25th, 2010, I weighed in at 204 pounds. My all time low for the year was Saturday at 202 pounds. I ate nothing but crap totaling 6,000 calories in 2 days this weekend.

A sample of things I have learned this year, in no particular order:
  1. Rewards help.
  2. Eating healthy is hard if you are the only one in the house doing it. 
  3. Moderation!
  4. I can meet goals.
  5. I can run 15 miles.
  6. Running is cheap, triathlon is not.
  7. I can revel in the cause of my own vomitting.
  8. Motivition can come in many forms.
  9. Support is essential (thank you everyone)! 
  10. Change is good!
I still have many fitness, professional, and personal goals that are not met yet. I am hoping to meet most of them, but I realize that many of them will not be completed this year. Staying grounded is very important and not expecting instant gratification is even more important. It has not been a year full of work yet, just a year since I realized I needed to start working. I look forward to being able to write about year of work soon (or at least most of the year).


abbi said...

You've been able to learn a lot in the year. I can relate to many of them, but I especially understand #2.

TRI-james said...

Good job – nice year in review. Number 2 is really hard.

misszippy said...

Congrats to you! Sounds like a very productive year that you can be proud of.

TRI714 said...

NICE !!!! This is a Huge victory.

Patrick Mahoney said...

This is me and all your followers giving you a standing ovation. Some are whooping and hollering. Nicely done, sir.

Caratunk Girl said...

You are amazing!! Look how far you have come! I am whooping and hollering right now, I am so proud of you for your hard work. I look forward to hearing the rest of the story.

I like your list of what you have learned - #2 is my biggest challenge since I started training.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, congrats, what an amazing year!!!

Andrew Opala said...

I am confused by #7

You have had a whirlwind year! It sounds like you are an adventurer.

Keep it up - the world needs more. They teach us what it means to be alive.

Patrick said...

Our coming to not expect instant gratification is such an important lesson. The first year of a healthier you coming to a close, that is good for celebrating the fact you made it the year without quitting and that you have made great progress. But leave it at that. Don't do as many have and take a break and rest on knowing you can do what needs to be done when you choose to. Each day, for a lifetime, that is how long this mission lasts. And consider too No.11, living healthy is FUN! Hopefully you will agree, is nbot; then add that to your list of goals.

Well done sir!

Luke said...

I often race or workout until I puke. How often in life can you know what caused you to vomit and be happy about it? If I puke when I stop after the finish line, I know I put it all out there.

Laura said...

Wow, you've come such a long way in a year! I loved reading all the things you've learned over the year.