Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Goal: Speedwork, low carbs

Results: 5x400, 12 minutes rowing, 20 minutes stationary bike

Morning Weight: 204

Thoughts: Today has been a decent day. I didn't have a chance to log carbs but I do not think I hit my goal, but I think they were still low. No bad foods to report. This morning before work I was able to get in my speedwork run 4x500. Per my plan they were supposed to be 5k speed. That would make them about 2:00 a piece. I actually got each one in 1:40. I tried to slow down several times but I was naturally moving the pace. It was nice because it didn't feel like I was working hard. These are fastest 400's I have pulled and I wasn't even trying. Nice.

After work I had a little time before criminal minds so I jogged over to the gym to pay some extra penance for my bad foods yesterday. I rowed on the concept 2 for 12 minutes and then rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes. I stayed in an easy ?gear? on the bike so that I could spin 100 rpms. I know I have had an increase in fitness level when this didn't even make me sweat and barely made my heart rate rise. It wouldn't have been that easy prior to this summer.

During our long ride home this weekend CB was discussing my bike purchase. She suggested I find a cheaper hobby like fishing and then she asked me why I haven't taken her fishing lately. Ironically, taking her fishing doesn't involve me getting to fish at all. It involves me baiting hooks and retrieving my favorite tackle out of trees.

Today I got to thinking about my hobbies. I have been on and off with fitness since my first weight bench was given to me before seventh grade. I have also had a variety of other hobbies including martial arts, fishing, sound recording, backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, search and rescue, painting, rock climbing, diving, and probably others. This leads to a lot of stuff stored around here.

Half of my closet is dedicated to search and rescue. Since I can be called at any time and am a technician in various rescue disciplines I have various bags. If I get called I can go to my closet grab the deployment bag and the bag that corresponds to the search. This is all in addition to the basic extrication, medical, and short range search bag that stays in my truck.

My attic is a similar story, a collection of hobbies past. Not pictured is the 14 ft touring kayak in my back yard or my sound gear.The sound gear hasn't been touched since the last play I worked on with my college theatre company in 2004. At one time I had a mobile recording studio with my lap top and box of gear. I have been rock climbing since I was in high school. I have several ropes for both climbing and rappelling, as well as lead climbing gear and enough harnesses to track my weight changes and spares to take friends with me. Although I now live in a location where I could possibly use them again, I haven't used them since 2005 and that was after a lay off from climbing for 3 years. I have had the backpacking and climbing gear (it has changed over time) for over 10 years. I constantly have a desire to walk away from life and thru hike the AT, but I haven't backpacked since 2006 (I do hike several times per year). I have had the kayak for two years and only put it in the water twice. I have collected the martial arts equipment since 2000. I haven't trained since losing my instructor in 2005. I have done a few presentation and clinics since but no serious teaching or training. Around 2004 I went through an artistic streak where I purchased a bunch of painting stuff. Except for one time last year I hadn't touched any of it since 2008.

It seems like I have been collecting hobbies. I guess CB may be worried that triathlon is just another of these hobbies. I did a lot of thinking this today and emailing with cb trying to get feedback on how many hobbies are acceptable. I have resolve to remedy my collection of hobbies, I have also gone through some debate and rationalizing.

I am committed to sell the sound equipment. No problem, maybe I can get enough for some aero bars.

I am giving the paint stuff to lil sis-in law., She will LOVE it, almost as much as beef jerky.

I want to keep all of the outdoor gear under the assumption that as a guide I need it. Sad truth is that I haven't guided a trip in 10 months.

I am going to downsize the backpacking gear. I think much may make the trash or maybe posted on here as a give away.

I am keeping the kayak for at least one more year. Before I had to store it at a friends 45 minutes away. Now I live 15 minutes form the largest lake in the state. I will revisit this topic if I haven't gotten any use of the boat by this time next year.

I want to keep all the karate stuff because if it were up to me I would be teaching for a living. That was the plan when I moved here last year. If nothing else I plan to downsize it and sell my weapons. CB actually SAYS she thinks they are cool and wants me to keep them.

Search and rescue is a no brainer. It will remain. I will continue to collect rescue gear. I will retain my diving gear as I am a rescue and recovery diver.

The last thing is the climbing gear. Again, I want to keep it so I can guide but I haven't used it in some time. I could always down size just to what I would need to go climbing with other people.

With my desk being covered in all the stuff  I use for training frequently, I see a need to down size everything else. Can anyone even see my desk under this?

CB also thinks I am collecting water bottles. Sadly, their are others in our dish drying rack and a few in the attic, and one on my desk.

Do you or have you had any other hobbies in the past?

Has anyone ever collected hobbies?

What do you have a stock pile of us hiding in your house, garage, etc.?


Patrick said...

I keep no clutter around for the most part. If it is not functional, or otherwise an item of value/memory to be passed on should I be hit by a bus; then I part with it easily. Now I do collect as a hobby; I have a hot sauce collection which I have mentioned a time or two on my blog. I put up some pics there not long ago too. My wife & I also collect sports memorabelia, we have a dvd collection, etc... but we have nothing in any state of storage which is not used at least annually in some way.

Luke said...

It makes my wife laugh becasue my hobby junk is the only stuff I collect (and shot glass and DVD's but that not the same). Anything else in the house I will throw away if I don't see a need for it. I hate hording and I declutter often, except this stuff.

abbi said...

I think most of us go through the collecting stuff for hobbies phases. I've had tons in the past too. Some were one time things and others wax and wane in their popularity. I keep stuff for awhile but if it hasn't seen the light of day in a few years, I start to sell it or get rid of it. For me, it feels good to get rid of some of the stuff!

chris mcpeake said...

I hate clutter yet seem to constantly produce it. Strange

Molly said...

I haven't set out to collect anything, but I have a gazillion books. They're all over the house, and all the book shelves are overflowing.

Laura said...

Good work on the 400s. I'm a total hoarder, Mike is always on at me to throw stuff out but I hate throwing stuff out.. I might need it one day haha

River said...

It's not a hobby for me. I just can't throw away anything. Grrrr may be next year when I'm moving to my own apartment I might just do it. But I'll be honest I'd need a lot of encouragement I doN't know in what form :)