Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Harvest Race Report

Due to my intention to run a half marathon, I though it prudent to get some experience pounding pavement on a race longer than a 5k. Late in the week I found a 10k a half an hour away. One of the awards for this race was best costume, late Friday night I decided I should go to wal-mart and find a costume. On second thought, since this is my first 10k how about a try the costume thing next year.

36 degrees at race time.

Out of the house at 6 to make the drive to the venue, but not without having my customary peanut butter and honey toast. When I arrived I was going to do same day registration. This was a sore spot for me due to attempting to pre-register. I waited until pay day to register. I went to to register and the registration was closed, yet the race website said registration was through Friday. I called to see if I could register over the phone or get some assistance and they told me not to worry just register tomorrow. I didn't like that answer (because that costs more) so the attendant went to find someone else. She put me on hold and while she was away I found something on the website that would be confirmed by her momentarily. When she returned she told me the manager said that it said on the website that on-line registration ended the Wednesday. That was the same thing I noticed on the website while I was holding. Except, the sentence I found about when online registration closed was listed under packet pick, not under registration. How much sense does that make?!?!?!?
Too early!
   I could not take their tip about just swinging by to register since the race was over an hour away from where I work. I registered when I got there for the race. As I registered they made fun of me, that's always great. I went to the restroom and started to outside warm up when I realized they never gave  me a chip. I went back inside to address this. Time to warm up, eat a packet of gu, and head to the starting line.

Race Time 7:45 AM
Goal: As this was my first 10k, the goal was to run as hard as I could and do my best. I plan to use this race as my reference point from here on. Ideally, my plan was to finish under an hour meaning I needed a 9:39 pace.

Mile 1- 8:28 I asked myself why I was doing this during this mile. Turned out to be a new PR mile.
Mile 2- 8:31 Then end of this mile was the last time I had water. From here the stations were not ready.
Mile 3- 8:45
Mile 4- 8:51 The end of this mile is when it started hurting.
Mile 5- 8:59 After this mile my abs hurt like never before.
Mile 6- 8:48

OVERALL- 54:44         That's an 8:50 pace!!!!
AG 8 of 10
111 of 207 (oddly, I was 107 at the race and 111 after)

Post Race: Walked for a minute to warm down my muscles and then went to the post race table. They had water and orange slices. This is my first race ever with no bananas! Took the picture, ate a Gu, stretches and got ready for my cool down............

5K Race 9:00 AM
Goal: Feel entirely too exhausted to attempt a go hard and try for a new PR. I decided to go out hard and and try for a new mile PR. If I can do it this tired then I know a mile time trial in the future should be even better.

Mile 2- 9:32
Mile 3- 9:09   Tried my best to sprint it in while letting out a war cry!

Overall- 27:30      8:52 pace
AG 6 of 9
114 of 330

Post Race- I had a bottle of water, sucked the juice from an orange and hit the road. I knew that my time would not lead to an AG podium spot, but that's ok because I ran my first ever 10k prior. MUCH BIGGER VICTORY!!!

On the way home I stopped at a local Fleet Feet Sports (more on it later) and finally gave in to the viral social media pressure and bought a pair of 2XU Compression Calf Sleeves. Actually, I have been trying my best to win a pair online, but finally gave in and bought a pair. 

I wore the calf sleeves out of the store and then put them back on after my post race cold shower (no ice for bath). These are my reward for reaching 205 pounds.

Pros- After wearing them until bed time I could really feel a difference in terms of recovery. There is not doubt in my mind that my legs felt better when compared to the last 5k I ran. I felt like I could run again sooner. Also, I like the calf sleeves because I can wear my own socks with them and I change my type of run depending on my distance.

Cons- at $55 they are more expensive than comparable brands. Also calf sleeves do nothing for my upper legs, but that is obvious.

I look forward to wearing these for my Half Marathon since my calves are the first muscle to get sore on long runs.



Patrick Mahoney said...

Cool man back to back races just because you can. Hardcore. The sleeves - believe the hype - you'll love em...

Laura said...

Wait a minute.. You did a 10k, then a 5k? And beat a load of time goals on the way! Nice one!! I've been trying to win some compression socks too haha, no luck over here either!

misszippy said...

You're a stud! That's a tough combo to tackle.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the races

I have those sleeves, another pro is you can swim in them, dont have to worry about putting tight sleeves on while wet in T1

Emz said...

HOw did I miss this?!?!

Love the "too early" photo -- awesome.

Way to go!!!