Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Goal: AM short run (to test legs), PM run (maybe)

Diet: yogurt, atkins bar, salad, ziti, 2 slices of pizza (way too many carbs, but a completely unhealthy day)

Thoughts: Today has been another of those days when my focus is off. Well, I have great focus just not at what my official duties. Most of my day has been filled with thoughts and googling triathlon and running coaches.

I was first approached by a company for coaching a few months ago. I say approached by them because I emailed them when I was researching my local Tri clubs I also emailed them because of a intro program they offered. They informed me they stopped that program for lack of interest and let me know about there other training options. They charge $400 per 12 week calendar for there most basic option plan. This plan involves 0 one on one contact. I also looked at other local running and tri coaches, as well Mark Allen Online with similar prices (some lightly less and some MUCH more).

I am sure that a plan is important, but given budget constraints I would rather use a BT free plan and have face to face interaction with a coach. Plans can not correct technique.

The best I have found are 5 private swim lessons for $125 and 5 private 1 hour running coaching sessions for $175 (from separate sources). These both seem pretty fair.

I was able to find coaches for those two areas and one that might work for an all around tri coach later. Before I look for tri specific coach or bike coach I think a new bike should be priority as my current one is no longer road worthy per the mechanic. Once I have a new bike, a new trainer, and a few spinerval disks, we'll see if I need the coach. No one these will get me a fancy team singlet with  some pro's name on it but I am ok with that.

On top of all this for the last month I have been brainstorming an idea that I think is GREAT. However, I am not sure how to put it in place because it would take a lot of organization and marketing. I am hoping to write about it tomorrow and maybe get some feedback from yous guys. (I've been taking teasing lessons from Adam )

I have been setting some goals for where i would like my performance next season. I started to use the local race at the Statesville Y as my bench mark. It's the Y I am a member of and there bike course is the one i ride for my regular ride (not my group ride), it is also part of the series I want to compete in next year.

I began doing this and when I looked at their times I realized that my times on their course (my neighborhood) would have put me at first place in the clydesdales and 2nd or 3rd in the 25-29 Ag had I competed this year. A sample of their results are below, the bold is the times I can beat-


1. 45 REMI DELILLE RALEIGH NC 1 5:18 0:59 2 34:39 0:43 1 21:33 1:03:10
2. 51 GLENN CARROLL CHARLOTTE NC 2 5:54 0:46 1 0:00 1:07:35
3. 106 KAJ JOHNSON ASHEVILLE NC 3 8:17 2:08 3 44:29 0:32 2 22:42 1:18:06
4. 43 CHRISTOPHER CLARK CONCORD NC 4 11:00 1:51 4 52:59 1:24 3 33:01 1:40:13

This made me feel pretty good about how I am coming along. For next year (or how ever long it takes me to get there) my goals are as follow:
Swim: 300m 5 minutes, 1.2 mile sub 30 minutes, and a 1:30 - 1:40 100m pace I can sustain for an hour.
Bike: Local Tri loop in 35 and hopefully be able to do 10 miles in 30 minutes, 25 minutes if flat
Run: 5k in 24 and then down to 22 (hopefully 21). 10k around 45, 13.1 under 2 hours, then 1:45, then 1:30.

Long term goals:

Finish a Half Marathon
Finish a Marathon (BQ after that)
Finish an Ultra
Finish a Century Ride
Complete a Half Ironman
Complete an Ironman

I am sure these will evolve over time, but these are the goals I have been thinking about lately.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

You, Adam and Richard Simmons, tease tease tease. Nice long term goals, all doable.

Patrick Mahoney said...

I was going to write exactly what Kovas said. Not the Richard Simmons part; that the first thing I thought when I saw your goals was that they where well thought out, challenging and doable.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Coaches are expensive, if you are just looking for a plan to follow, $400 is a rip off, trigeeks have good details plans for around $20 I think, also try going to USAT and see what coaches are in your region.

misszippy said...

I think you have a good set of goals laid out there...

And shameless plug here--I do run coaching, if you decide you want to go that way. Whatever you do, I'd stay away from some of the cookie cutter approaches. Every athlete is different.

Andrew Opala said...

Goals are the most important - you are doing great and are an inspiration to me.

I got very lucky with a great running coach. She spends a lot of time with me now on drills and understanding what I am really doing in my training - rather than just completing the distance or time.

She's also nowhere near as expensive as the prices you have mentioned.

Adam said...

I'm a huge goal guy, so I LOVE your goals!!!