Friday, October 22, 2010


Goals: Run, 35 carbs

Results: 3 mile run

Diet setbacks- NONE- 32 carbs, 1400 calories

Morning Weight: 204 lbs


Like yesterday, this was another uneventful day and the post is for my later reflection.

Today, I woke up with a sore throat and by the end of my work day I had a full blown nose leak and headache.

I at well and skipped all comfort foods. Today's diet consisted of apples, atkin's bars, apples, lean ground beef, salmon, and a potato.

After dinner I took some tylenol, decongestant, and a sigulair. I waited 30 minutes and went for my run. Due to yesterdays missed workout I needed to pick between speedwork and an easy run. I decided since I felt under the weather to go with the easy run and I just won't worry about speedwork this week. Once I got outside I decided to just turn all the pace alerts off and run. Once I got to 1.5 miles I needed to decide where to go next. Checking the distance to make a course adjustment was the only time I looked at it while I was running. I just ran. I moved a comfortable pace that pushed me slightly. After 2 miles I slowed down, and then once I could see my house I slowed down again. Once I got home and checked my garmin again my average pace fell in the faster end of tempo run range. It turns out I got 3 miles and kind of got speedwork too.

This weekend shall be interesting. My anniversery gift from CB was a trip out of town to see my college team, Western Carolina University, play thier long time rival, Appalachian State University. I am not really a football fan and the fairness in the rivalry has been gone since 2006 when ASU won thier first of three consecutive national championships. I do however enjoy live sporting events and am really looking forward to a stay in a hotel, soak in a hot tub, and eating at Hard Rock Cafe. I feel I can eat a little more than usual considering the 15 mile run on sunday. I had planned to run while we were in the mountains (Gatlinburg, TN) but decided to enjoy my time out with CB and take my run when I get home.

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