Friday, October 15, 2010


 Goal: AM 5 mile easy run.

Results: PM 4.22 mile run.

Diet: 2 scrambled eggs, Atkins bar, yogurt, grilled chicken breast, apple, big mac, fries, diet coke (DOH!)

Thoughts: for the next 6 weeks we will have dog training on Thursday nights, so that will throw my schedule off a bit. In order to adapt I woke up at 430 to run 5-6 miles. It was 49 degrees and raining. No go. I went in to work early and packed a running bag so that I could take a long lunch and run. I got to work and realized I forgot a towel. No go. I worked out that I could take my lunch at the end of the day and run. I thought about driving home and running, but I thought the change of scenery would be nice.

At .4 of a mile, the Garmin dies. there went my plan for 6 miles. Instead I ran a loop that I knew and when I mapped it on, it turned out to be 4.22 miles. I have no idea how long it took.  It was nice for the change. The hill were much worse than home. I posted a picture above of my scenery (when I wasn't looking a trailers) Those mountains are the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After doggy training we were too tired to cook, so I opted for McD's I was going to eat a salad. CB wanted a burger, so then i wanted a burger. I felt guilty as I ate it, but I had diet coke and neither of us value sized the meal.

This week has felt odd, no schedule. My half mary training starts next week so I am just making things up as I go. However, after months of triathlon training I am still drawn to jump on my MTB (road bike out of commission) and go do a hill workout just because I have a few minutes. How nuts is that? having a lower volume seems off.

Do you ever have cheat days?

What kind of adaptations do you make when your schedule is off?


Jon said...

Saw your comment on my granola bars. I ommited the coconut since I have NO idea where to find it @ the grocery.

When my schedule is off, I don't try to change my diet too much, otherwise when I get back onto my normal workout regimen, I feel all funky.

Good luck with your upcoming half marathon training!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have one cheat day a week.

How I use it to my advantage, perfect example is the McD trip, I would ask myself " is that hamburger today worth my cheat meal? Or can I have something better on the weekend?"

abbi said...

I always allow cheat days here and there. I go completely off track if I don't!

Moving Mertle said...

some days I just need a break. to not cook, not move, or just do the stuff that needs to get done. Usually I can tell when those days are coming so I'll plan to have a lighter breakfast or lunch for a big dinner and then I try to work out. If it falls on a rest day then whatever. Or I'll try to eat super healthy so my net calories are within my range and I don't need to work out.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Having cheat days is good, just regroup and make sure they don't happen too close together!

One Crazy Penguin said...

This may make you think twice about using your cheat day on McD's!

Adam said...

I'd like to think that my life is one big cheat day! :)

Seriously though, big macs aren't actually TOO horribly bad - it is the fries! RighT? Maybe I just have my facts wrong. Either way, chaulk it up as a blip and march forward.