Friday, July 2, 2010


Goals: mid-day swim, SLEEP

Results: bite me

Diet setbacks: everything that went in my mouth.

Hallucinations: still looking for the inmate. After 25 hours on duty command told me to take 8 hours off and be back. I took 5 hours to sleep and got up early to swim. Despite that its training, I have started to enjoy it. Today was my long swim day and I thought it would be relaxing after yesterday. I should have called first. When I walked into the pool area the lap pool, mind you separate from open swim pull), was full of inflatable water slides and children. So I turned around and went home grumbling about how I could still be sleeping.
All I have had to eat is hamburgers, donuts, and soda. I meant to pack a salad but I forgot. I had gotten my weight down to 220 on sunday, monday and tuesday but I feel like I am bloated back up to about 226 when I get to 219 I am going to reward myself. I have been wanting to post about that for a few days anyhow.

I can't wait to get relieved and get home and sleep. I might try the swim first if I get relieved early enough.

9816 out.
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Mrs. Tucker said...

hope you find him soon! I know you are tired! Plus it would be nice to see you awake;)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Luke, way behind on my reading and just read this. Are you an LEO? Hope you found the guy and I'm amazed you're even thinking about training after 25 hours on!

Patrick said...

LOL, Results: bite me... I like how you score yourself :-)

Hmm, donuts. I once ate 20-something in one sitting, ugh.

Rewards; thats the way to go!