Monday, July 19, 2010


Goals: AM LSD RUN, eat healthy

Results: 6 miles 1:06.

Diet setbacks: 1 slice of left over pizza.

Thoughts: Woke up early to beat the heat on my run this morning. It was still hot, well really more humid. I was generally disappointed with my time, but I usually am. 11 minute miles just are not good enough to satisfy me. Although one thing that I have noticed is as I increase my distance shorter distances feel like cake. The first 3 miles flew by. I also found it interesting that the second half of my run was faster by 2 minutes. I would think as fatigue sets in I would get slower, but in this case I was wrong.

Last night I sat down and re-wrote my race calender because windows ate my original. I tried to remember the majority of the races I had, but I am not sure I found them all again. They are mostly local charity runs but as always there is some strategy. My September race is supposed to be a certified course and very flat and fast, I am hoping the hilly 3 mile loop I practice on will come to my benefit and I will beat my PR and accomplish one of my 2010 goals. I also start with 5k's and work into 10k's by late fall. I am doing this because it is my plan to register for the Charleston, SC Half marathon in January. I want to do this race as a mid-winter excuse to get out of town and to build my stamina in hopes of completing a HIM next year. I would like to find one or two more sprint tri's to add in to my calendar. As my first one's I would like to find something small and local, but close to standard length. I will settle for Try-a-tri events if I can find some of those.

I am already thinking about next year's calender. the more and more I think about it, the less I want to do sprints and the more I want to do something longer. I discussed a few days ago what i read about concerns of not being fast enough and endurance comes easier that speed to me. I found a HIM training plan and it even suggested doing some shorter races earlier in the season in place of the long workout or brick workout on the plan. That got me thinking about my goals for next year. It was my plan to start next March/April as I had planned to this year and compete in one race a month for an entire series. As I re-think this, what I may do is start out with sprint, move to olympic distance and have the goal for my season to finish with a HIM. I have a lot more time to think this over and need to get myself up to the minimum distances for the training plan that I found. This may change my focus for the fall to getting my endurance up to begin that training plan next year. Friday when i had the evening to myself I also tried to contact some of the local tri clubs and coaches but none have responded back yet, but there were two races in the are this weekend.


Patrick said...

The slice of left over pizza, you eat it cold or heat it up?

I read the post twice, um. what is a HIM?

Laura said...

Good job on the negative splits, the humidity is a killer isn't it, I ran intervals this morning and it was so humid and windy I was cursing the weather!

Caratunk Girl said...

Pizza is my Achilles heel. I would have had 2 slices.

The heat kills me and my pace - I really would rather run in -20 then 90+humidity. Great run.

When I first read Windows ate your first race calender, I thought, huh, that is an interesting name for a dog. ha. Now I think you mean windows on the computer...

YEAH HIM! Check out for some free HIM training plans to get an idea...Ontri also has some I think...

Molly said...

It's funny, I prefer the longer distance myself, never thought I would be that way but I am! Nice job on the run! said...

Wow! Great goals. Personally, i have no desire to go farther than a sprint in triathlon arena. However, I am excited to run a marathon.

I ate three pieces of pizza this weekend. At one time. I did not consider it a setback, pizza is one of the major food groups : )

Luke said...

Patrick- I ate it cold. HIM is Half Iron Man, 70.3 miles.

Laura- With the humidity hhis time of year in North Carolina I am preparing to start refering to my runs as vertical swimming.

Mandy- It was the last slice or I would have probably had more. I started by cutting one bite off and I ate the entire slice. The plan I spoke of in the post was the HIM from

Molly- Years ago I loved running longer distances because I had more time to in my day with a clear mind, running used to always clear it.

Wendy- I ate three in one sitting saturday, my cheat day, and some cinnisticks, and a liter of pepsi.