Tuesday, July 27, 2010

072710 Randomness

Goal: AM swim, recovery run, eat healthy

Results: Am recovery run, 2 miles is 23:30 minutes

Diet setbacks: two brownies, two bowls of fruit loops

Random Stuff:

We had a storm last night with thunder that shook the house. I think it is the first time I have ever been in a storm that had NON STOP thunder for over two hours. Not the occasional crackle, non stop. Dog cried and we didn't sleep much. It even tore one of the doors off my shed.

Woke up early, but two late to get in both workouts. I didn't realize this until after my run. I had planned to mow the lawn this afternoon so I pushed both my workouts to AM. Too wet to mow the lawn but we are in another thunderstorm so I can't make up my swim. Inserted a make up core workout- 100 push up challenge and 200 sit up challenge week 3, day 3.

Thank you every for the feedback from yesterday's post. Not so much worried about the 2 pounds I was up, I know that is water weight,l even though it does make me want to get out my sauna suit and head to the gym. I don't have to make weight for fights anymore so I don't think I will do that any time soon. I am more aggravated by the weight loss stall, but I am very happy about losing inches. In fact, below is fat boy picture of the day:

Here I am wearing a pearl cycling jersey. This is from my group ride yesterday (hence the sweat). It excites me because one, a name brand jersey that fits and two its a XL. The only two jerseys I have been wearing, including the one I raced in, are 2XL and 3XL. This XL is actually a little loose. I even have a size large Sugoi jersey in the closet that fits. I haven't worn it out yet because I am still not that comfortable in lycra. Still happy to KNOW it fits.

Lastly, I am excited that my wife RAN two miles today. She was so happy she text me at work and I don't even have my phone at work, it is a maximum security prison after all. It was just this month she ran her first mile. Last month she couldn't run for 1 minute. GREAT PROGRESS. I told her I am going to sign her up for the 2 mile race they are running at the 5k I am running 8/13. I am trying to talk her into doing my October triathlon with me. I am not winning so far, but I will keep trying. This is contagious!


Patrick Mahoney said...

Hey man you are moving in the right direction and Wendy makes a great point - losing a waist size on shorts or whatever is better proof on mass loss than the scale. Keep it up!

Matty O said...

Throw the fruit loops out! haha.

The only way I am allowed to train is if my wife trains. She would most likely divorce me otherwise. Get your wife to train with you :) Its bad enough we don't get to see each other all day, toss in 1-2 hrs of workout a night and you will end up never seeing each other!

Caratunk Girl said...

You are doing awesome! I pay more attention to how my clothes fit than the scale. Seriously, I have gained weight and dropped a pants size before. Keep at your wife, she will cave eventually when she sees how much fun you are having! :)

Laura said...

That's cool that your wife is getting into running too, I got into fitness and boxing after my boyfriend started and it's great to do together. Also what dog do you have? I'd love to see some pictures!

Charisa said...

The name of your blog made me laugh. Awesome that your wife is running - you sound like you are both doing awesome! Keep it up!!

Mrs. Tucker said...

I told you... first I have to learn how to swim! I'd hate to drown at the triathalon! I don't think I could even do one lap!

wendy_kresha@charter.net said...

Congrats to your wife on her run! that is awesome!!!!

Patrick said...

Let me join the gang here giving your wife a high-five for her running progress, well done!

Tricia said...

pssstttt.....you need to read my post from monday. you won something :)