Monday, July 26, 2010

072610- mixed emotions

Goal: Lunch time core workout, PM group ride, eat healthy

Results: PM group ride 14.65 miles in 59 minutes

Diet setbacks: one dr. pepper, one bowl sugar free ice cream

Thoughts: As the title states I am feeling kind of off today. I am aggravated because I am 222lbs today, after being 220 for 14 days. I am upset that, except for one night post workout I when I was 218, I have been unable to break through to 219 (my next benchmark). I have no idea how to break through this plateau. I lost the majority of my weight combining exercise and diet. The diet I was on I do not believe would support my training now. I was running up to 6 days a week at the time and often lost a pound a day. I do not want to run that much because I would rather focus on a balanced training schedule.

As aggravated as the lack of weight loss makes me, I am happy that last month my wife bought me a pair of shorts, they were my normal size and they were too big. I like the shorts so my wife bought me another pair in a smaller size, they were also too big. They fell off. My chest has also gotten smaller and my body fat percentage has been staying lower. I am happy for this and do realize that some of my lack of weight loss may be caused by gaining muscle as I increase abilities in my sports.

All that aside my diet went well today- eggs, salad, grapes, and ground beef made up the majority of my calories. Busy at work so I didn't get a chance to make it to the weight room, doubt I will make it up tommorrow.


Patrick Mahoney said...

I don't know enough about your diet to comment and I'm having trouble myself at the moment losing another 15, but I do know you shouldn't worry about 1-2 pound swings over the course of a few days, it's water weight. Now I only weigh myself once a week and at basically the same time of day. That's a better way to track progress.

Matty O said...

Nice bike ride!

Diet... now this is a touch subject, everyone is different.

I fluctuate 5lbs +/- daily... I can eat the same thing every day and it bounces. Advice: if you are going to eat ice cream, buy slim a bear, or skinny cow, something like 100 calorie portions. They are tasty too.

Also on the eggs, do you seperate and toss the yolks? This was one of the big things we started doing and to be honest... started dropping lbs from taking the yolks out. I got used to eggs this way, can't eat them with the yolks now.

Good luck man.

misszippy said...

I say focus on the good results, which are the smaller shorts size! I think you're on the right track in spite of the scale. said...

the higher numbers could be due to muscle gain. Don't get discouraged, if your shorts are too big, you are heading in the right direction!