Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Goals: AM Swim, PM recovery run, eat healthy.

Results: 50m warm, 4 x 25m repeats, and 50m cool, 2 mile run in 19:00.

Diet Setbacks:  Two strawberry cake donuts.

Thoughts:  First, the food. Everything else I ate was great- salmon, mixed veggies, yogurt. However those donuts :(. The social worker from my office brought some for a meeting in her department, since we are work-friends and used to workout together everyday she stopped by my office on her way to the meeting to offer me one. I have had blueberry cake before, but I have never seen strawberry cake!! Willpower what willpower? Later I went to the break room to get my water bottle from the fridge and she had placed the leftover donuts on the table. There was only one left, the other strawberry cake donut. It would be mean to leave it there by itself, right? I'd better rescue it! The effects of healthy eating sat in and I felt sluggish and bloated the rest of the day.

I was short on time this morning due to oversleeping, but wanted to get in the workout so I followed it as prescribed. I followed the distance but decided I would make the most of it and do the 25m repeats as sprints. Ideally, I believe this plan was developed to get tri-wanna bees like me in the pool for the first time so it has short repeats with rests. My post dinner run started out slow as I stayed in my recovery/lsd range and completed my first mile in 09:45 then I decided to time myself in my tempo/interval range. This yielded a 09:15 mile and feeling like I had pushed myself (not too hard), but so much for recovery. No run tomorrow. BTW- I envy people like Emz that can run over 26 miles all at a pace under 8 minutes. I'll get there one day, but I will be be happier the day I complete 1 mile in under 8 minutes.

Overall, although I pushed myself today it was a good day. I have began thinking about the use of recovery drinks and sports gels. Never really used either before but am going to start researching them.

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great training! Chocolate milk is my favorite recovery drink!