Saturday, July 24, 2010


Goals: AM stroke drills, PM run

Results: PM kinda run

Diet setbacks: cheese lovers plate at the local greasy spoon, eggs with cheese, hash browns with cheese, bacon and a waffle.

Thoughts: Long day at work, not sure the cheese lovers plate was the best lunch. Again, not how I intended to increase my caloric intake.

My boss loaned me a bluetooth gps puck to pair with my blackberry so that I could use gps apps. Verizon block the use of gps with any programs other than blackberry maps and VZ navigator with my phone, therefore I can not use the may my run/ride app that I wanted to use. I decided I would do my run at 8pm, 5 mile run with a 3 mile tempo run. From the time I got off until I about 7pm I played with the gps puck to get it to work. No luck. Just after 7 I got it and the app working, I figured I had better go run while it is working. Not my best decision. I started my run and the warm up mile was a little fast, so I made a conscious effort to slow down. It cam time for the tempo run and could not keep my pace (the large, long on the route I chose did not help). I only made it one mile into my tempo run and then I walked .63 miles home. It was interesting to watch my pace on the phone screen. during my tempo portion I ranged from 7:25 to 13 minute pace depending on terrain. In the end, it took almost just as long to run my tempo mile as it did my warm up mile.

I was very upset about this run. This is not the way I want to perform and then I started thinking. I wonder if this was my subconscious trying to sike me out for Sunday. If I don't race well I can say I was ill Thursday and had a bad run Friday. I wonder if it is my nerves, I usually don't get like this. After a cooling shower and stretching I checked the weather. It was 99 degrees and 65% humidity at 7pm when I ran. I am going to blame my performance on this, not all the nervous subconscious stuff. It was friggin' HOT. I had planned to wait, but when I got everything working, I never thought to check to see if it had cooled down. Obviously, it had not. Now I don't feel as bad. In fact, I read an article one that said you can add 30 seconds to your normal time for every 5 degrees over 60 degrees. Definitely going to blame the heat, definitely.

Looking forward to rest and a swim tomorrow. GOOD LUCK to anyone racing tomorrow. I look forward to reading your race reports.


Patrick Mahoney said...

And good luck with your race tomorrow as well...

Patrick said...

Luke, if you gotta have a diet set back doing it with cheese is a good way to go. Still being protein friendly, no?