Monday, July 19, 2010

071910.....or a day of firsts....

Goals: AM swim stroks drills, lunchtime core work, PM 10 mile ride, eat healthy.

Results: 21.6 mile ride in 1:31

Diet setbacks: 1 junior whopper w/o mayo, buckeyes

Thoughts: So.....I usually wait until first thing in the morning to I update, but I am VERY excited tonight. It may not be big news, but I am happy. As my title suggests I had a night of firsts. First time going on a real group road ride, first time drafting, and first time NOT being the last guy the ENTIRE ride.

When I re-arranged my training schedule I worked in my long ride on Monday. I learned last week that there is a group ride that leaves from the corner by my house on Monday nights. I figure I will do the group ride and it will more than likely get more miles in than I need and if not I will just ride a little longer. Check my goals, I wanted to ride 10 and I rode 21. For the first few miles I was last and darn near getting dropped, then after a few miles I passed another rider. A few minutes after I passed him he was so far behind me I could no longer see him, the group took a turn so I waited at the corner for him. Then for the next couple of miles we took turns passing each other. I left the corner a few seconds before he got there and he caught up and drafted off my wheel. I didn't realize he was there and when he started talking to me I yelled some expletives and did a double take. I apologized and told him he scared the crap out of me, I'm used to riding alone.

A few miles later while me and the other guy (on a custom bike btw) were passing each other, there came a point where I was struggling but just behind group. The guy leading the group coasted back to me and told me that he has been racing for 20 years and asked me if he could give some tips. He then told me how to draft, he put a hand on my back and pushed me into the right position off the tire in front of me. He then gave me some suggestions on shifting, not when to shift but how to use the down tube shifter (haven't been able to change them yet, can't get the right gear combo), and how to pedal better. He even showed me some drills. I actually knew what he was telling me about pedaling, but I always thought I was doing it. I guess not, but it was helpful. The next few miles flew by. They were super easy, I think it was the combination of not only the drafting, but the concentrating on drafting. If I am watching someone's tire (or tyre if you like) and thinking about staying on it and keeping up with them, the size of the hill in front of me is not on my mind. Around the 12th mile the group stopped to wait on the last man, NOT ME!! Leader guy made me get off my bike and raised my seat about 6 inches, put me back on it and then fine tuned. After this it felt very comfortable. By the end of the ride I was in the front three of the pack. My 10 mile loop usually takes me about an hour and in 1:30 I rode twice that (including part of that loop).  I like group rides, not only do I learn but I think it pushes me to keep up and I go faster then when I'm alone.

As for the rest of the day, I wasn't feeling well before the ride so I cheated and ate the burger thinking it would be decent fuel. It worked! May have not been good for me, but it was fuel. also on the diet side, it only took us a week to eat 3lbs of gummy bears, so while I was on my ride CB and her "brother" decided to make buckeyes (chocolate covered peanut butter balls). THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED IN THE HOUSE! No special reason, her brother just showed up with the ingredients and a bottle of wine because he wanted to bake, drink, and listen to show tunes while they gossiped together.

In terms of the missed workouts, they are not part of my tri schedule just extras so I will let the swimming go and make up the core workout tomorrow.


Laura said...

Good work on the ride :-)

Patrick said...

Interesting about the raising of the bike seat making a difference. To folk like me who don't bike except once in a great while for leisure only, we think just get on the bike and ride (Queen song running through my head now). But I can see here you aren't just getting on and riding, you are applying a good deal of science to this and thus probably put as much mental energy into your rides as you do physical.

Big Clyde said...

Good info about your ride. Sounds like it will make big improvements in future workouts for you.