Friday, July 23, 2010


Goals: am swim, lunchtime core workout, PM run speedwork run

Results: am stroke drills- fist drill, finger drag, kicking drill, scrub the rest!

Diet Setbacks: no bad foods, but maybe too much food.

Thoughts: Woke up early, feeling great! Walked to the Y for 20 minutes of morning swim drills, CB even went with me so she could walk on the treadmill and ride the bike. Sometime after lunch I started feeling very run down. Then I developed a head ache. I borrowed some cash to get some caffeine and a snack to try to fight it off. By the end of the day, it only grew bigger, and then on the way home i fell asleep almost a dozen times, mostly at stop lights.

Tonight we were having dinner at the in-laws again and they scheduled dinner knowing I had about an hour of running to do, I decided to sleep until dinner instead of run . I think this was the wiser of the options. Dinner time and I felt slightly better, by the time dinner was over my head hurt again and I was sweating like a turkey in November.  I also started searching for sweets because I felt like my blood sugar was low. Tome to go home and go to bed, forget about my run tonight.

I racked by brain trying to think about what i could have done to make by body rebels. Nothing come too mind. My only possible conclusion was not enough calories or maybe carbs for the day. I had eggs for breakfast, a banana and something else (?) for a snack, tuna and celery for lunch, an apple for pm snack, and then the diet Mountain Dew and crackers once my head started hurting. Maybe this was just not enough food. For dinner I had grilled lemon pepper chicken, potatoes, green beans, squash, and okra. Two plates full. With this much food in me I can not explain why I had a headache after dinner or the feeling of low blood sugar. I decided to make today my rest day move my run to Friday and my swim to Saturday. Ideally, I would want to completley rest the day before I race, but if I am going to do anything i would prefer to swim. all my reading says that swimming is the activity with the shortest rest period before you can do it again. I am going to swim first thing in the morning, after I sleep in a bit.

Thank you everybody for the feedback about speedwork. Right now, I do speedwork in the pool and running once per week each. I do hill workouts once per week on the bike. I was considering adding another speedwork day of running. I am slow in every area, but I think this is the area that is going to kill my time. In a short race like this weekend, I think I would be able to finish much closer to 1 hour if I could run faster. I have looked at a lot of times and to be in the top half I need to trim 6-8 minutes off my run, 9-10 minutes to be top 5. My cycling could get faster too but I don't think I can get fast enough to make up for my run. I am sure that running on tired legs will also slow me down even more. I have done a few bricks and they have been painfull exhausting ridiculously slow tough. After the feedback and some online reading I am going to keep it to one speedwork session a week. It does amaze me when I think about the fact that it is so hard on the body and that when I ran track we did speedwork 5 days a week.

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Matty O said...

You were younger when you ran track :)

Depending on what you are racing, its hard to make up time on the run to be honest. You can make up the most time on the bike since that is what you are on the longest.

If you wanna drop minutes build the bike.

Good luck!