Saturday, July 10, 2010

Training Questions

After I found a training program that was detailed enough for my liking I read through ti but had questions.
The author of the plan said that we could email him with any questions and I did so on 06/29-06/30 while I was in the movie theater waiting to watch that HORRIBLE vampire, werewolf, over dramatic teenage love movie. I have not had a response but I am hoping some of you experienced triathletes, distance runners, and cross trainers may read this and have some insight or be able to share this with people who may.

The meat of the email is below:
Greetings. I am preparing to begin the 10 week sprint beginner program. Inside, it said email if I have questions and I have 3 so I hope you can lend advice.

First, I am on my last week of the 16 week sprint beginner program from and can swim 400m freestyle non-stop (10 minutes) and over an hour if I vary strokes. Should I start your plan as prescribed(200m) or can you recommend a varied base distance.

Secondly, I read through the plan now since I'm beginning next week and decided to start using my heart rate monitor for my runs now. To stay in my target zone I have to shuffle at a 12 minute mile during a short run. For my long slow distance workout Sunday without the monitor I ran 6 miles at 10 minute miles so my results today in my zone concerned me. With this in mind should I stay in the prescribed zones or alter them? Thank you for your help, hope it doesn't seem like I'm looking for a coach, I'm just trying to figure out how to proceed since I'm not coming straight off the couch.

Third.......not important for the blog......
NOTE: I found another article on heart rate zones and completed an assessment. I found that my MHR on running a fast pace for a prolonged time at a 7 degree incline (via treadmill) was 206 bpm. I used a provided formula taking that number subtracting my resting hr (72) and finding my zones. I set my zones in my HRM and went for a run. The only problem is that I can't figure out how to change the zone I want to train within in my monitor. I have a 2005 polar electro and can not find the user manual online. I set zones for LSD, tempo, and intervals/ sprints.
Can you lend any advise on these topics? Until then it is my lunch break and I am off to workout.


Molly said...

just read your last post...nice job with the fancy food! : )

I just started working with my heart rate monitor on my garmin, it's a different way to run for sure.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would stick with the plan to start, and build from it, it will get tougher real quick if it is like most plans.

Pick up the new Triathlete magaizine (gear and tech one), it has a good HRM article that might help you, HRM is tricky, I go by feel personally.