Saturday, July 10, 2010


Goals: Rest, hydrate, eat healthy, get in a workout if feasible.

Results: 7ish hours of sleep, healthy food, 64oz of water, 1.75 mile treadmill run in 15 minutes, 5 mile spin on stationary bike in 10:18, week two, day two, column three of 100 push up challenge and 200 sit up challenge, 3 sets bench press, 3 sets squat, and 2 mock rope climbs.

Diet setbacks:  1,311 calories, 63g fat, 90g carbs, 82g protien

Thoughts: took the time at work to get in a workout. The treadmill is rickety but it runs. The stationary bike is worse, but I maintained a 120 rpm for the workout and made it to 180rpm on a 30 second sprint. I decided today would be the day I shot for my bench press goal, I thought I would warm up with 185 but could only get it half way down before I got nervous. I did three half reps with this and then did two more sets of wide grip bench press with 135. I think I can conquer this goal soon but think I have to get over the mental barrier more than the physical.  Did 210lbs squats and the mock rope climb were done by hanging a towel over the pull up bar and doing pull ups with one hand gripped higher than ever.

Food-wise, I am not happy with how high my fat and carb intake were but I ate very well. Special K, snack bars,two salads, yogurt, london broil, and half a corn cob today. I feel GREAT!! I really want a slice of key lime pie but I am going to resist.

Best of all I went to check on my garden, as it had been neglected for the last 12 days, and found 6 cucumbers that were ready. One of them may actually be a little past ripe. IT'S THE HUGE ONE!!  And as I pulled weeds I found a carrot. I forgot I planted carrots and have been pulling them for months thinking they were weeds. I also found out that although I have been watering the garden for days there was a kink in my soaker hose and no water was actually getting to my plants.

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misszippy said...

Hi--1,300 calories? That seems really low to me! You need calories to fuel workouts. Ok, lecture over--the cucumbers look great. Love summer for all the great produce!

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