Thursday, July 1, 2010


Goals: morning cycle, lunch time core workout, eat healthy.

Results: 60 minute 12 mile ride.

Diet setbacks: about 5 hamburgers, 3 sodas, and fries.

Thoughts: as I write this I am searching for an escaped inmate. I have been searching since 230pm. We have been provided with food but none of it's healthy. I am eating to stay awake at this point. This also cancelled my lunch and therefore no workout. Before work I had a good ride my goal was to ride for 70 minutes. I rode the course and then added an extension in under an hour. I didn't ride for the full 70 minutes because I had no where left to go that would only leave me 10 minutes away. Feeling a lot better averaging 6mph on my climbs. Room to improve but its getting better. My time makes me feel my 2 hour tri goal is obtainable!
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Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL, "as I write this I am searching for an escaped inmate"

I am sure its not funny to you, but that line made me laugh!!!!