Saturday, July 24, 2010


Goals: AM swim, eat healthy but a few more carbs than normal.

Results: AM 600m swim, 20:05

Diet setbacks: too many fries and onion rings

Thoughts: My first 200m was 5:20, new personal best the last was 5:50, I also mixed in some drills. Felt great, I was also amazed that afer I did the drilll I could feel an enormous inmprovement on the amount of water my arm (not just my hand) was moving. It felt GRRRREAT!!!

After my workout I took the rest of the day to drive to Raleigh (3 hours), and attend the last planning meeting for my trip to Guatemalla. I have been putting so much time into my training I don't beleive I have mentioned it. This time next week I will be in Gautemalla City on a mission trip teaching rope rescue, vehicle extrication, and fire fightting. In that area if you are in a car accident and they can not breech the vehicle you are left in it; if it goes down the mountain the vehicle is left with you in it at the bottom of the mountain. Last year my group went down, taught them, and donated a rescue truck, fully stocked. Last Year I was unabel to go and assisted in getting tools donated, this year I will be on the ground teaching. To top it off, as one ofe the younder memeber of the group it is outstanding to know one of my losest friends will be going too as the logistics and PR officer. This year we were able to donate I fire truck and an ambulance.

When I got home I was picking out which jersey and socks to race in. I am a big geek and like to match my clothes all the time. I have a collection of over 20 pairs of timerbland boots. I chose my yellow jersey but realized I no longer have yellow socks. My wife went  to her closet and got a present she was holding till my birthday. She gave them to me and in a very child-like voice and said "I got them for you because you're stinky". Check them out.

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I am so jealous that you are going to Guatemala! I was there twice last year (near Antigua). I left a big chunk of my heart there. have a great trip!