Friday, July 16, 2010


Goals: am swim, speed work run, eat healthy

Results: PM 200m swim and 200m stroke drills in 12 minutes, 5 mile run with 3x800m repeats,

Diet setbacks: overindulged on macaroni with dinner and had one two handfuls of gummy bears. however, I feel that I may have done enough exercise to warrant these transgressions today. Not as a reward but as fuel for the speed work.

Thoughts: Is it sad that I look forward to leaving work so go train? This week has been a good change for me and I am very thankful for my wife who had dinner ready everyday this week when I got home, this keeps me from skipping workouts due to lack of time, and on top of it all she has gone to the gym all but one day this week too. Although dinner being ready when I get home helps me be able to turn around and workout, when she goes back to school (she's a kindergarten teacher) I would rather that she continue to workout. I am willing to sacrifice meals on the table when I walk in the door, to see her continue these healthy habits. I am excited for her.

This morning I overslept and missed my AM swim. I made it up this afternoon before I ran. My 200m still felt awkward, I almost felt like I was running out of air and my legs weren't working. This is not how I felt a few weeks ago. I did some stroke drills and then I felt better. I would like to work in stroke drill before my main set, but every time I try this I end up not doing my mine set as well.

The run went great despite a few issues. Coming up at 1 mile I looked at my watch and realized I was on my fastest mile since high school (I did run a 6 minute mile in 11th grade for an Air Force PFT). This didn't make a lot of sense considering this mile was my warm up. The watch was reading 7:50 and I was about 150m from the end. I thought really hard and realized I made a turn a block early and had shorted my course. I had only ran about .8 of a mile. Sad. At the 1 mile mark I did my first 800m interval and forgot all about it until I reached the 5k mark and realized that due to the intervals I was getting ready to complete my fastest 5k ever! Then I remembered the premature turn on the first mile. Sad again. Finished the 5 miles including a trot of a warm up and cool down in 54:28. Good day!  I am having one issue, for the last two weeks I have been running without socks in order to prepare my feet for my tri-4-fun, I am going to forgo socks to speed the transition. I put bodyglide on the tongue and heel and baby powdered in the shoe. I usually get blisters on my heel and have not gotten any. However I get several blisters on each foot on the inside edge, near the ball. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this? I am going to make sure I have socks on for long runs from now on. I am looking forward to rewarding myself for this event with a new pair of running shoes next month. This pair now has 326 miles and they will be retired to my gym locker at work. Then I will have no excuse to skip workouts with a pair of shoes at both locals.


misszippy said...

Have you tried moleskin? It's pretty good for locations like that. said...

Just wondering if there is an addictive ingredient in Gummy Bears, lol! How cool that you and your wife are so so supportive of each other! My husband has the goal of doing a triathlon with me next year and I can't wait!

As far as meals go, once school starts, you can always plan to make meals ahead and freeze them or just plan easier, healthier meals. Or, you can use the crockpot (I use mine A LOT!) It takes a little more planning, but well worth it!

I am planning on wearing my socks for both the bike and run. We practice putting them on during our trial bricks. I don't think i could run without socks!

take care and have a great weekend!

Patrick said...

LOL, you and those gummy bears. I recall whenI could run 6 mimute miles (25 years ago).. now I can do 1 block jog and feel ill. Now that is, ask me in amonth how many blocks I can do,

Endurance Athlete Project said...

Luke, I saw your comment. I am doing 5 miles sub 40 mins now if I really push it. So the point is of course you will be able to get your speed up. I've done nothing special except work at it.

Glancing at your post today I reckon it's coming sooner rather than later as well.