Monday, July 12, 2010


Goals: LSD run, test run on tri course, and eat healthy.

Results: 5 mile run in 55:21, 1 lap ride and 1 lap run brick around triathlon course.

Diet setbacks: gummy bears!!

Today feel like a great training day. I started off with my morning LSD and it didn't kill me. After lunch I made an hour drive to Winston Salem, NC to recon the course I will be NON-competing on Sunday after next.  I say non-competing because it is a non-competitive Tri-4-fun. I stumbled over the info for it a few weeks back and it seems like a good test of my training. Am I a little crazy for going to these measures for a fun race? The bike course is 10 miles- from t1 .5 to the loop, 3 mile loop and .5 miles back to transition. I rode 1 lap around the loop in 14 minutes (including the out and back from transition). I felt slow but I was cycling with a map in my hand looking for the turns. There were only about 1.5 climbs, plus another steep one going back to T2. After 10 miles of riding I have to climb!! WTF The third mile is also mostly downhill and I feel like I could go dangerously fast on it. The rest is flat I feel like I am going to BOOGIE! Today, my legs felt a little burn but I think it had something to do with the run just 4 hours earlier.

The run section seemed entirely up hill and I felt awful about it as I watched by clock. It took me 14 minutes to complete 1 lap (3 laps is to be a 5k) even with keeping my HR at 165 bpm (tempo run zone for me). My legs were dying, but I don't know if this was the right direction for the course. If it is the other direction around the loop it may be easier. I felt much better about my time when I got home to my maps and the loop was 1.26 miles. There must be a short cut some where I don't know about. My focus for this week will be cycle/run bricks. I may also try to go back this Sunday and complete 2 loops of each, but this will involve changing the day of my long run.

Several times through the day I felt myself crashing and reached for the 5lb bag of hasbro gummy bears CB brought back from her mission trip. Other than that, it was a good eating day- eggs, tuna, veggie tray, corn, grilled steak, grilled chicken and salad. I am 1 lb from by next weight benchmark and have been stuck at a platuea for months. I resisted my key lime pie again but may reward myself after I make up my speed work workout Monday.


Mrs. Tucker said...

It is a 3 lb bag of gummy bears... thank goodness ;)

Dinner was not only pretty, but delicious! said...

Hi Luke! Just found your blog, I am a newbie Tri-Athlete as well! Gummy bears sound good right now, lol!

DRog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!Gummy bears count as bad eating??!? lol