Thursday, July 22, 2010


Goals: AM Swim, lunchtime core workout, PM hill/cycle workout.

Results: Cycle workout: 1 mile warm up, repeats on a .5 mile hill, 1 mile cool down. 30 minutes.

Diet setbacks: Oy Vey.

Thoughts: Today was not my typical day. I was in a lot of pain last night (not associated with training) so I took a hydrocodone I had left over from when I had herniated disks in my back last summer. I only took about three last summer, and they always lay me out. This led to the best sleep I have had in weeks, however slept through my swim. Not too worried about it since this was an extra workout to help me readjust before Sunday. I got up with plenty of time to get ready for work, just not enough time to get to the Y. Left the house and got a flat tire. I ended up be an hour late for work. By the way, changing a tire on a dodge ram SUCKS!!!! By boss is flexible and made let me count this hour late as my lunch. This eliminated my core workout time. I am now two workouts behind on my one hundred push ups challenge.

My surprised me with wanting to go to dinner at her parent's. She said they would time dinner around my workout, unfortunately I was going the opposite direction for my workout. I decided I would use the hill near thier house instead of the one I was going to use. Once I finished we had dinner. I have a large number of food weaknesses. Lasagna is my favorite food, I also love candy, chocolate, cookies, pie, pizza, wings, bread sticks, any type of potato, hot dogs, onion rings, and cheese sticks; but one of my biggest weaknesses that I rarely ever have is corn dogs. They are a food surrounded by good memories, the fair, school lunches, things like that. Well the reason i made that list of scrumptious foods is because CB's mom made corn dogs and tater-tots for dinner. I had 4! Again, this is not how I meant to increase my calorie intake. My diet the rest of the day was great, fruits, salad and grilled chicken.

On my breaks yesterday I was able to work in a little blogging, reading about one an hour as opposed to my normal half day on blogger. During this time i found a blog on runner's world discussing how to stay cool in the summer while running. There were some decent tips in it, myself, on speed work days I run a one mile loop and put water bottle in my mail box so when I run by I can pick one up. What I though was funny about the post was that it is late July and and it has been hot for 3 months. Here's the link: .

I also had two questions for my athlete blogger buddies: How often do you do speedwork? Also, do those oppression socks dealies really work (according to the CEP website they make you faster, run longer, and recover faster afterwards) and at what running distance do they really start becoming a thought? Let em know your thoughts!


Caratunk Girl said...

Cool you have a flexible boss..

I do speedwork - not right now because I am trying to keep my leg from being re-injured. I plan on easing back into it in the fall. Which leads to my next thought which is to say - it gets you great results, but can also lead to injury if you push too far and doing allow enough recovery. I am exhibit A for that.

I love compression. I really really do. I am not sure of a distance - I haven't used them in a run for a while, it is kind of one of those things when I just feel I need them, I use them. More post-run for me.

Matty O said...

Long story short... speed work hurts the body. It tears down and breaks down your muscles pretty hard. With any weight lifting or hard endurance workouts the goal is to tear down the muscle and let it rebuild. Every time it rebuilds it gets stronger and bigger etc.

Problem with speed work - running, you are massacring your joints as well. Speed work typically hurts my lower back more than anything. I typically inch up my workouts telling myself each workout I want my splits 5-10 seconds faster than last workout. When I don't hit that goal I stick with that same number until I get it.

Another great workout is a fartlek. Do ladders. 1min easy, 2min hard, 1min easy, 3min hard, 1min easy, 4min hard, 1min easy, 5min hard, then back down. This will make you wish you stayed in bed that day :) Might wanna start less on the lengths though, like 1min easy 30sec hard etc.

Build your base before you do speed work.

Molly said...

I'm slooowwwllly adding speedwork to my runs, maybe once a week. My biggest fear is injury. I have to say in the last 2 weeks I've gone from 10 minute miles, to about nine. Still slow, but I'll take it. said...

Bummer on the flat tire! Thank God for Flexible bosses, huh?

I used to love corndogs, too (the good memory thing for me, too. Sigh) But now that I know what is in them, they are not as appealing...

I do running speedwork once a week, either at the track or hills. I agree with Matty O, build your base before adding speed or you risk injury.

I have also started adding speedwork at the pool once a week and did my first ever speedworkout on the bike today (never occurred to me before, I guess).

Take care, hope today is better : )

Laura said...

I follow the run less run faster plans for 3 runs a week so I do speedwork once a week, one tempo and one long slow, I like it cause I can do other stuff alongside it