Thursday, July 15, 2010


Goals: Swim, cycle, core workout, eat healthy

Results:  400m swim, 6 mile hill workout in 30 minutes, 11 mile ride in 52 minutes, week three, day one of 100 push up challenge and 200 sit up challenge.

Diet Setbacks: none...except a reward.

Thoughts: 400m swim did not go well. The week and a half out of the pool has apparently killed the muscle memory of my form. Need more work before next week. Afterwards I used the steep long hill on my road to do a loop and practice climbing. It was hot but decent.

I took the day off today, in part to make up for sleep I am behind on. Also, because there was a ttransition clinic at the Y tonight and it is my late night in the office. I got to the clinic and there were three of us and the instructor. The other two were this superfit couple that were also at the swim clinic I attended last month. When I got there, the teacher said he planned for us to do a "short" group ride and then talk about transitions. We rode the 10+ mile local tri course. This was my first ever group road ride. I was struggling, It seemed like everyone else was going the same speed as me but their cadences were much lower. I was counting. Around mile 7 I got dropped during a climb as I was trying to reach down and find my shifter. one I got everything straight and I finished the climb, put it in the big ring and hammered until I caught them around mile 8.4. Then I went to change gears and could not get the chain off the big ring, I got dropped again!

After we got back he talked to us about transition but it turns out the guy is very experienced but has only done triathlons as a relay participant and never had a transition. he told us about how to transition by what he has learned by watching others. I am glad I have read articles, watched youtube, and picked the brains of you bloggers.

The one thing that he mentioned that I thought was interesting was that he had seen other put all of their gear upside down in a bucket so that they could turn the bucket upside down it would be stacked in order to put it on, and then they could sit on the bucket while they put on their shoes. Has anyone see this before?

food-wise it has been a very clean day just fruits, veggies, and chicken breasts. However, I weighed myself after returning from my workout and had lat over 2 pounds since morning. Since I had worked so hard (already drank over 120oz of water) I rewarded myself with my last slice of key lime pie.


Patrick said...

Now that is a reward: key lime pie. I've eaten so much of that in my life I do believe my blood is now green'ish red. Good stuff!

Big Daddy Diesel said...


Yes I have seen buckets, chairs, suitcases, NO NO NO NOOOO!!! You will EVIL looks from many racers.

If you dump all your stuff out, its all over the place, wasting precious time looking for that you need.

Make your transition nice and neat, and no buckets.