Friday, July 9, 2010

It's over now.

Semi-good news- The search has been called off.

Bad news- Bad guy still at large.

After searching into the early hours of the morning I was relieved and told I could have Friday off from the search in order to catch up on my regular duties. I planned a lunch time core workout, but decided instead to take off a few hours early and go pick up my wife's birthday present and on the way out of the prison I was informed the search is over. Hard to believe that this all started on her birthday and Although I had picked out her present I never had the chance to go get it. She has been out of town this week on a mission trip so I have not had to feel guilty about not giving it to her. On the other hand, not having her here has made household stuff suck since I have been working nights for crazy-long shifts.

After picking up her gift (she reads this sometimes so I'm not saying what it is on purpose), I decided to go to the store and pick up ingredients for steak and chicken satays, grilled corn, salad, and Indonesian relish. I love to grill and I felt like making fancy food (thanks Molly) even if it is just for me. The meat needed to marinate for 20 minutes and the skewers needed to soak for an hour. In my mind this is a great time for a long swim and maybe a short ride. This was all squashed when I walked out of the store into a grilling in the rain (although I have grilled in snow), pool closed with thunder, and don't want to get bike wet. FRIED CHICKEN AND A NAP IT IS. I guess with the news of the search being called off, my high alert wore off and all the sleep deprivation from the last two weeks hit me. I AM EXHAUSTED!

This week I was to start my new training plan. I found the beginner sprint plan from tri-newbies. I liked this plan because it gave more direction than the plan from beginner triathlete that I just completed. The only thing I don't like about this plan is that it starts at more of a couch potato level than beginner, including starting with a run/walk, and the swims only starts at 200. I am substituting a 5 mile race running plan from runner's world smart coach and am thinking about how I may alter the swims. Maybe, I will use the short swims for speed work and add a long swim sometime in the week. Tomorrow and Sunday I am planning to do two-a-days and make up a few of the workouts, but more importantly is for me eat healthy, get rest, and hydrate.  I am thankful tomorrow is a new day..........

Just for fun, here are some pictures from this week. The dark one is the prison at night.

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