Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Goals: Am swim, llunchtime core workout, Pm recovery run, eat healthy but increase my calories.

Results: PM Swim- fist frill, finger drag drill, kick drill, catch up drill, 3 rounds 50m stroke golf. 2 mile run in 21 minutes.

Diet setbacks: several glasses of real soda, hamburger and onion rings, and 5,011 buckeyes.

Thoughts: First, it has been a busy day I can't believe it is 5pm 7/21 and I am just now writing about yesterday. I usually blog first thing in the morning. last night I was reading on the USAT website and it said that you only need 3 hours per week to train for a sprint and 6 hours for an olympic. I worked out 6 hours last week and am already in over 2 hours this week (btw I start my week on monday). It makes me wonder if I am overtraining. I want to be competitive, and I don't think I can pull fast times ever for a clydesdale. I think I will still be at the back 1/3. Mostly, do to my run and that makes me want to train more.

Today I tried some of the swimming drills, but I was too tired to do them in the morning so I did them before my run. This made the recovery run a hair harder. I also ran it the more uphill direction of my loop,but I like to reserve the flat/slightly downhill direction for my speedwork. I did not get in the lunchtime core workout, I will push it back another day, but I am not happy about that because I pushed it from monday.

I got kidnapped today by my boss for lunch, hence not making the workout. I had decided to up my caloric intake but I am not sure the burger was the best way to do it. It felt like I couldn't skip ordering it because I don't get the chance to eat at restaurants like this one a lot. Homemade hamburgers and onion rings. I have been stuck at 220 on the dot for 9 days, I am going to raise my caloric intake to fire up my metabolism to try to drop at least the one pound to my next benchmark. I want those socks!!!!. I am fearing weight loss may have stopped due to not having enough calories for training, I have done this before. On the other hand I don't want too many because after all  am trying to lose weight. Anyone have ideas for higher calorie food, preferable still with low carbs?  I hade more to write about but I have forgotten during this extra long day :(

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