Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy birthday to my wife

I have been planning this post for a few days and as I sit at midnight in a theater full of tween girls I realize I have the time to write (via blackberry). Since my purpose is to use this forum to discuss progress and motivation I have been thinking about how she relates to motivation for me.

In terms of fitness, although we differ on opinions of healthy cuisine (grilled chicken vs nachos) and exercise (running vs walking to the mailbox), she still never complains if I spend an hour or two of the four I'm home everyday to train. However I must sit down for dinner with her first. She will workout on sundays with me and she even comes with me some mornings at 0530. She stayed up after midnight to come to my first race. She doesn't gripe too much about the office being unoccupiable because of my bikes. In college she came to all my fights and I could see her cringe in the crowd as if she was being hit when I got hit. She cheered louder then anyone else there the days my hand was raised by the officials in victory and put up with the way I punished myself when I didn't.

Away from training I have long thought that it takes a special woman to be married to guys like me. She complains minimal about not being able to move the seat in my truck because of emergency kits and search packs. Never says a word if I hang a bullet proof vest in the bedroom or leave a gas mask in the dining room. She kisses me goodbye when I get up in the middle of the night to go find missing kids, dive for dead people or any other rescue sortie. She even tries to act like she's not worried when I track escapees or respond to riots.

Although only married since october, we have been together for 9 years. She has always been like this to me. When debating proposing with my friend denise, I came to the conclusion she is my biggest fan. When all of her friends married rich guys with low iq's and no personalities she married the poor boy with ambition in his eyes. She woke up at 5am for years to proof my papers. When I finished grad school she was the only person at my graduation. Afterwards when I worked minimum wage construction she made sure I had food. She drove across the state to let me drive her car for my first interview when no one closer would. She bought me the dog that turned out to be my best friend. I was living at home and working 20 hour days. With a pitbull puppy at home I had to leave at a decent hour.

I am being positive today and considering where any of us would be without our support systems. She is mine, I guess since she does all this for me I can sit through this movie and not punch any kids in their throats like I am compelled to do.
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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Tell her happy BDay from me.

I order a midget to jump out of a cupcake for her, hope she likes it.

Sounds like you have a keeper.