Friday, June 11, 2010

Daily Report

Goal: AM- High Intensity Strength Training. Lunch- Strength. PM- Swim or bike ride. Healthy Eating.

Results: PM- 500m swim in t-shirt and 2 pairs of shorts, yesterdays Crossfit Endurance WOD. followed by 1 mile hill run 9:59.

Diet Setbacks: what diet? Burger King for breakfast, Diner for lunch, KFC for dinner. About 2 Mountain Dews.

Thoughts: My diet sucked today. I feel bloated and weighed out at 228 lbs. Disgusting. Overslept this morning so I had to stop for breakfast, therefore no workout either. Alarm clock never went off. Planned salad and workout for lunch but my boss decided to take me out to lunch. I could have ordered a salad or egg whites but I went with a poor choice. On the way home from work I was informed by wife that we were going to KFC for buffet with her family. Nothing other than crap on the buffet. Although I missed two workouts I came home before dinner and swam. The shirt slowed me down enough that it made working on my breathing easier. I was again motivated so I decided to run to my in-laws house instead of driving. It sucked, I was barely moving but I got there, it is an interesting run as it is mostly up hill.

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