Friday, June 18, 2010

MTB Crash and Backcountry First Aid

This morning I found a video from dirt rag that I found interesting. It is of a downhill rider coming up on another cyclist that has crashed. I smiled when they splinted him with an innertube. This is something I have heard of before but never seen someone actually do.

I had two thoughts after watching this. First, although this is a decent way to treat the injury. It justifies why due to being a boy scout and an EMT I am always overpacked. I have first aid kits of varying sizes in every vehicle, bag, room, etc. I eve have a c-collar and stethoscope in my truck, just in case. An accident like this when I am with you will probably lead to me pulling out a sam splint and a padded sling. I may even call for air support since I have training in this. After that I will sweep the area for secondary IED's, not that this is necessary since we were mountain biking but it is a perishable skill and I need practice.

My second thought was as much as I use running, road cycling, swimming, and lifting to get in a better shape, my true loves are still mountain biking, rock climbing, backpacking, SCUBA, and kicking people in the chest (see here). Now with the awesomeness of those trails on my mind I need to plan a trip to go ride some downhill trails. Hopefully I will get to dive this weekend and that will cover my adrenaline fix for a while.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Texas will be shorts weather, I am in Ohio and Feb is just nasty cold. I looked up the avg in Austin in Feb and its 64 degrees, Jeff thinks that is cold, I call it heaven. Seriously give it some thought, right now we have 10 people and want a ton more, alot more, and besides, you know you want to do it.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

dude - saw your header and thought it was you. whew.

Tough Mudder is in the beginning of Feb. Diesel and I are going to try and pimp it pretty hard and get a good turn out of blogger buddies. From what we understand the post party is awesome. He is right about the temperature. As a Texan the mid-60's are freezing to me but most people find it pleasant. Last Feb I did the Austin Marathon on Feb 14th and it ended up being 75 degrees?

Luke said...

@Jeff- in the future I will use medical terminology regarding my own injuries just so that there is no confusion. Awesome Road rash
= someone else. simple fracture to the femur resulting in hare traction= me.

@Jeff and Diesel- I saw tough mudder on GMA about two months ago and knew I had to do it. I put it on my facebook and thought that one of my friends from law enforcement, fire, rescue, or the military would go with me, but no one piped up. I am very sincere about doing this. I like the simple challenge of completing it. I also like that one of the course rules is that you must help others, that the kind of thing I'm all about. I look forward to taking the free tatoo and masking my pain at the after party.

Luke said...

Forgot to add that one of most important things to me was that its a great charity.

Emz said...

This rider should have stuffed his pants with "charmin". ;)