Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Report 062110

Goals: AM workout, PM Swim and bike, eat healthy

Results: PM swim 21 minutes around 750m - 900m. I lost count. first 100m crawl and then 25m breast after every 75m crawl.

Diet setbacks: Lots of coke and lots of McD's

Thoughts: I missed my AM workout which is my weight loss workout due to sleeping through my alarm. my body often does this when it needs sleep. I proceeded to work to do the payroll and turn in my timesheet and then to the doctor because I think I have pink eye and ringworm. Needed comfort food since I was miserable so I ate the McD's. Good news, I do not have pink eye, the Dr. thinks I am allergic to my sunglasses that I have worn for years. I have circles under my eyes for years too. I also do not have ringworm just a rash from sweating so much during workouts. change soap and stop wearing my glasses. Solved. Next came my nap and my swim. I felt great afterwards. I still haven't done my bike but this is my one chance to tough a computer tonight. Forgive any errors within I am in a hurry again.

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