Friday, June 18, 2010

Daily Report 061710

Goals: Am run, lunchtime weights, PM bike ride, Healthy eating

Results: 4pm- 6-400m repeats at 116s, 110s, 112s, 110s, 98s, 94s. 7pm- 6.08 mile bike ride in 35 minutes.

Diet setbacks: whopper meal with medium fries and coke.

Thoughts: not sure how productive my workouts were that close together. I did not get any sleep last night so I didn't do my morning workout. I left work early because I was exhausted, took a nap, and then went for my am run at 4pm. I still wanted to get my bike ride in so I spaced it out three hours and completed it. It was a very nice ride, two major hills, but I took them easy. I got to my out and back point faster than I had planned. That is a good feeling. Also, once I have a bike with a bike ring I know I will go faster because there were sections when my cranks could not keep up with my downhill coasting speed so I kept pedaling although there was little tension. Diet wise, I stopped for the burger king on the way home I didn't feel well and it is comfort food. I am not sure I did enough activity to support having it.

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